October 11, 2012

It's a bird, it's a plane, NO, it's Anderson!
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  • Since I had a doctor's appointment this morning, Robby decided to drop off all of the kids for me and drove the big white van so I didn't have to park and back up at Baptist.  Wasn't that nice?  I am getting better though (well, at least I am not as nervous!)
  • The kids did wake up just a few minutes before we made it upstairs to get them ready.  I heard one of them saying "it can't be 7, it is still dark outside."  It sure is hard to get everyone ready when it is still dark outside.  
  • Graham didn't take any time to get ready this morning because he was headed to school and then to spend the night at Nonna and Pops' house.  He was so proud to pack his stuff in his pirate back pack and even took such time and care washing off his toothbrush to put it in his bag.  
  • Robby then took everyone to Grannymom's house and then he dropped off Graham.  Today was his work from home day.  I scrambled to get ready and left to see my first kid-who ended up not being there.  So I decided to run a few errands and then I went to see my second kid-who wasn't at school either.  By that time, my first kid was back at school so I headed back to see him.  
  • Then Robby and I met at doctor's office for our third appointment.  The baby's heartbeat was in the 150ish range and everything checked out well.  I also had blood drawn and received my flu shot-and man that really hurt today!  I am feeling really sorry for Anderson who will have to get a flu shot.
  • Afterwards, I picked up Reagan, Anderson, Campbell and Keaton from Grannymom's house.  They had played outside, done some of their schoolwork and Anderson had painted some of his birdhouse.  On the way home, Campbell told me that Grannymom was going to get her a pink birdhouse.  
  • Though she isn't too accurate these days.  Later told me that she was going to Chuck E Cheese.  I asked her what you did there and she shrugged her shoulders.  Then I asked if she was going to eat there and she "yes, I eat at Chuck E. Cheese."  She has only heard the other kids talk about Chuck E Cheese and has no idea what it is all about.
  • Nonna had picked up Graham from school and they spent the afternoon playing and waiting on Pops to come home so they could head to see Beebee and Papaw and the gym.  Anderson played in the gym at Beebee's place one night with Nonna so now Graham was very anxious to see that gym too.  But he was even more anxious to go to Chuck E Cheese later in the evening.
  • This afternoon Anderson and Reagan finished school and then I woke Campbell up to come with me. We dropped off some food at a new baby's house.  Campbell was quite the baby holder-she was so sweet to that little baby and even asked to have another turn.  
  • Back at home, Campbell needed a shower-diaper explosion in the car and Keaton had one as well.  Robby scrubbed Keaton's cradle cap head a bit (trying to get it better before we go to the doctor next week-I don't want to get in trouble!)  Then it was supper time, clean up time and bed time.  
  • Currently, Campbell is sleeping in Graham's bed.  The betting is now open at how long she will last in his bed.

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