October 23, 2012

Celebrating Pops Birthday!
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  • Anderson woke up sometime in the middle of the night with a nose bleed.  This doesn't phase him anymore as it does Reagan who screams like she has been shot.  By the time I made it upstairs, I regretted having washed all of the sheets this weekend!  It didn't take long for me to clean up everything and everyone go back to sleep.
  • Some mornings the kids all wake up and just talk, talk, talk to each other.  Some mornings all of that talking is sweet and some mornings none of that talking is sweet.  Reagan was the one that wasn't in the greatest of moods this morning-I guess that was from staying out so late.  
  • Robby took Graham to school and then Grannymom picked him up afterwards.  Graham stayed busy raking up two bags of leaves this afternoon.  By the time that Robby picked him up, he was one tired little boy.
  • We finished breakfast here and then started school.  They had just a bit less school today since I didn't want to start anything new for just one day.  Less school was fine with me because I had plenty to do today.  I have gotten to be a pro at packing but it is still a chore-physically and mentally.  My mind is always swirling with a zillion things that I need to remember.  Though my mind is always swirling with a zillion things.
  • Reagan did finish up her scarf this afternoon.  She was so pleased with herself and now we have to start working on the scarf for her doll.  While she was working on all of this, Anderson asked me to get him something to do (crafty thing).  I told him that I was looking but couldn't find boy crafty items yet.  Then he told me that he wanted to learn how to sew and make himself a scarf.  Must find him something crafty!
  • Before too long it was time for Robby and Graham to pick us up to head to Pops' house to celebrate his birthday.  We were a few days late but since we are all going out of town tomorrow it was a good celebration.  Keaton spent most of her time pushing the stroller around.  She is very particular about the stroller-the baby must be sitting upright and the diaper bag must be on her arm.  I can tell she is going to be such a mess.  
  • The kids all had showers at Nonna's house and then we headed home and put everyone in bed.  Robby and I loaded up the van and even though we now have a van that can seat 15 people, it is still going to be a tight fit!  

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