October 18, 2012

Thursday Night Football with Friends!
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  • Last night while Robby and I were watching tv, the lights blinked for a half second but it was long enough for our tv to turn off and the speakers upstairs to turn on.  We thought nothing else of it until at 1:30 the kids started calling us.  There clock light had gone off and the clock part was also blinking.  No light meant for some panicked kids.  Robby thought quickly and turned on the light on the monitor using the remote control so he didn't have to go upstairs.
  • Now at 7:10 when I walked through their door, Anderson said "finally!"  He told me he had been up for awhile but the clock would never get to 7.  It just kept blinking 12:00.  Poor guy!  Everyone else was up fairly quickly all except for Reagan.  I finally urged her on by telling her that I would pick her clothes out of she wasn't out of bed in 5 seconds-that sent her flying!
  • Robby dropped everyone off at Grannymom's house and then him and Graham drove through McDonalds on their way to school this morning.  Graham loves school now-because most days Grannymom or Nonna pick him up.  And today was Nonna's day so he was ready to be dropped off all so he could be picked up.  
  • I saw my kids, ran to Savers-and what a fun place.  I picked up 10 kid books for less than 3 dollars and even a pair of jeans for Anderson.  A pair of jeans for Anderson that he is able to button and they aren't too long-woo hoo!  Then on to Krogers before picking up the kiddos.  They had a big day and all earned a dollar for picking up leaves.  If Grannymom had to pay them each a dollar, wonder how much we would have to pay them to pick up the leaves in our yard?  
  • Back at home, the kids played while Robby and I had lunch.  Then it was time for school-we breezed through it today since I wasn't as distracted as I usually am on Thursdays (usually on Thursdays when it is just Reagan and Anderson I pull out everything that we will do the next week).  
  • Anderson has started his 3rd phonics book and it is working on blends.  He thought it was so easy today and was so proud.  I told him that it was because he was getting so much smarter-and you should have seen the smile on his little face.  
  • Soon everyone was awake and before too long, Graham was home as well.  Campbell asked a few times about Graham today-she misses her buddy when he isn't here.  We had supper and then they watched a bit of movie before we loaded up.
  • We went to Bauxite to watch Austin's football game.  The boys were really into the game and occasionally Campbell would shout "offense" or would imitate her Daddy and shout "go, go, go."  Keaton mostly sat on my lap and occasionally would clap her hands and shout with the crowd.  Reagan was more interested in playing on the bleachers than watching the game.
  • On the way home, we picked up Kennedy and picked up some hot chocolate for me.  The kids played for a bit and then we put everyone in bed-my crew was all tired tonight.  We don't have many 10 o clock nights here.

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