October 29, 2012

Football Team Celebration!
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  • And again, these children of mine were up at 6 this morning.  That is all fine-even though they broke the rule that you are to stay in your bed until 7.  What really makes me panic though is time change coming up-that would mean everyone will be waking up at 5-that is not okay!
  • This was school morning for most and Robby was even off work.  We all dropped off Campbell and Keaton at Nonna and Pops' house, then dropped off Graham and finally dropped off Reagan and Anderson.  Then we went to pick up the mini van (it had one of the broken screens repaired).  So I climbed into the minivan to drive to work and that things felt little to me-never thought a mini van would feel little!
  • Of course my first kid was not there so I headed to spend some money at Walmart.  Then my kid showed up at school so I went to see them for a few minutes before they had lunch and then back out to do some more Christmas shopping.
  • Pops picked up Graham who was so excited to take his sea shells to class.  Keaton and Campbell had a busy day with Nonna.  Keaton had a bath and Campbell made brownies.   I arrived in time for lunch and soon Campbell was ready to go-she had her shirt off, my keys in her hand and was loading up the diaper bag before I knew what was happening.
  • We all came home and the kids and Robby worked in the garage while I unloaded my van.  Then the girls had a nap while Graham and I made a treat for tonight.  Soon it was time to turn around and go and get Reagan and Anderson.  The first thing that Reagan said to me when we got into the car was "you have got to send me more food, I was starving at lunch."  Last night, I had showed all of the food that I had for her to Robby and I assured me that it was plenty-apparently not.  Then she told me that she had very good news.  She continued by telling me that Alyssa Kate was back at school, that she played with them, stayed all day and did everything that they did.  
  • Anderson had a wonderful day at school too-a Halloween party and he even was able to wear his costume.  What a great day!  He was so excited and so proud to show off his ninja.  His favorite snack was the pumpkin shaped cupcakes that someone brought.  I am glad that he is enjoying school.
  • When they made it home, they had some time to play and then it was time to start getting ready for their football team to come over for supper.  We had the football shaped rice krispie treats and others brought pizza and drinks.  Reagan was thrilled that Maddie was there to play with her and Campbell.  And the boys had Wyatt, Owen, Elem, Harrison, Caleb and Will to play with.  They had a blast-played mostly upstairs with few bumps and bruises.  It was a great end to the football/cheerleading year.  
  • When everyone left, we picked up a bit and then put everyone to bed hoping that they sleep until 7!  

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