October 26, 2012-Destin, Florida

Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola!
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  • This morning started out the same as the other morning-except when the kids woke up early, they found their way to Grannymom's room and the tv.  I think they did sleep later than the day before though so we are headed in the right direction.  
  • We had our breakfast and then headed down to the beach.  The boys were mostly focused on collecting sea shells at the beach.  Campbell was still interested in collecting water and filling buckets.  Keaton wanted in the water at first but then she wanted nothing really to do with the sand nor the water-I guess the newness had worn off.  Reagan was determined to catch a fish-might be because I mentioned I would give her 5 dollars if she caught one.  Grandpa even worked for awhile but alas no fish was caught.  
  • We played for a bit longer in the sand and then headed in.  We were back to the house around 10 and all started getting showering.  I worked on making sandwiches for our picnic and my helpers (Campbell and Reagan) had a fuss about the jelly and it ended up in the floor smashed to pieces.  The cleaning crew worked on this project for awhile and declared that it was a lot less work than the washing machine incident the day before.
  • After everyone was ready, we loaded up and headed to Pensacola.  The kids did fairly well on the little ride-they were watching a new movie with their headphones.  Headphones-my new favorite things.  After we crossed the bridge into Pensacola, we stopped at a visitors center for a picnic.  
  • The kids enjoyed the picnic and man, have we been going through the food.  When Robby came home the other day with all this food, I wondered why he had bought so much-well, after 2 days of picnics we won't even have enough for lunch tomorrow!  How am I going to feed 6 teenagers-better get those chickens and that garden started.  
  • The Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola is amazingly huge.  The kids still enjoy the play area and climbing in and out of the airplanes.  We did walk through a new hangar area and saw Marine One.  I enjoyed browsing through the gift shop-even though I am not a fan of shopping, I do like gift shops.  After our walk through the museum, we passed out the juice boxes to the kids and headed back to Destin.
  • By the time we made it home, we were pretty hungry and put the lasagna in the oven.  We had lasagna, biscuits and brownies.  Graham asked if lasagna was beach food.  I guess he was thinking that fish, key lime pie and lasagna were all traditional beach fare.   
  • The kids worked on sticker books and then we had our brownies.  Tonight again when it was bedtime, not a peep was heard from the crew.  Not even from Keaton-who has become very attached to her bottles.  Crazy attached-she even refuses her sippy cup now.  Poor thing, she will have a rough few days when we get home and she is without her bottles.    

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