October 27, 2012-Destin, Florida

Beach Bums!
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  • And again this morning, those little boogers were up early, early.  They will have a rude awakening Monday morning when they can't get out of bed until the clock says 7 (and if it wasn't a school morning, I would move that clock back a bit-might still).  
  • This was a good morning to get going a bit early since we had breakfast at the donut hole.  They only had two Amy recommended doughnuts left (the angels) and I got them!  The grown ups had a real breakfast and the kids all had doughnuts.  It was delicious and afterwards our plan was to head to the beach...
  • But it was windy and chilly this morning (downright cold tonight though).  So we put off our beach time for awhile and played skip-bo dice and sorry.   Then the kids took a few walks and even colored for a bit.  Finally, we braved the cold and headed to the beach.  In the sun, it was fine-actually pretty nice for just sitting outside.  But probably a bit chilly for getting wet but the kids didn't seem to mind at all.  
  • Again today they worked on catching a fish.  The boys were more interested in the fish catching today.  Campbell still loved working on her sand and buckets and was so pleased when I buried her legs.  Keaton played for a bit in the sand and even got wet (I hadn't put on her bathing suit this morning since I was wearing my coat and shivering at the time).  Keaton eventually called it quits at the beach and was ready to head back to the house with Grannymom for some food and a nap.
  • Reagan instructed the boys on the next project.  Since the beach was deserted, we put our stuff by someones fort.  Whoever had built a really big fort and the kids had a blast digging tunnels through it.  I eventually took Campbell back to the house for her bath and a quick nap-she was getting really tired.  After her bath, she was asleep fairly quick-Keaton also fell asleep in the laundry room in her pack n play and snoozed until it was time to go.
  • Eventually the other beach goers returned home for their showers and they all watched the rest of the football game.  At the end of it, we all loaded up to go and eat at Fudpuckers.  The kids were quite amazed at all of the names on the walls and everywhere else for that matter.  They were thrilled to get an alligator toy on their food and were so happy to bring home their cups from the meal-really, it is the little things in life.  
  • We watched the alligator show and then headed down the road to the Bass Pro Shop.  Apparently it was trick or treating at this large outdoor mall (reminded me of Branson Landing) and it was covered up with kids, adults and dogs wearing their Halloween costumes-and we just had on our shorts and t-shirts.  I told the kids that if anyone asked what they were they could say "freezing!"  They all snagged a bit of candy and then we high tailed it back to the van to warm up.
  • Back at the house, the kids all ate some candy and then Robby and I tucked them in and started loading up for our early morning departure.  After tucking everyone in, I heard a commotion and went in to see what was the matter.  Anderson tattled on Campbell saying "Campbell pulled down her pants and showed me her booty."

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