October 12, 2012

A trip to the pumpkin patch...
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  • Graham woke up at Nonna and Pops' house around 7.  Then he enjoyed a smorgasbord of different kinds of cereal for breakfast.  
  • Here, everyone was up and ready for the pumpkin patch.  Reagan said "I know we have to do school this afternoon too."  I told her no they didn't have school this afternoon but only if they wore what I wanted them to wear today.  So they took me up on that and I was able to dress everyone is fally-ish clothes and not gym shorts and an ugly (but favorite) palm tree shirt.  They don't yet know that I plan an off day every few weeks.
  • We swung by and picked up Graham and then made it to the patch.  We were the first ones there and  the workers were very clear that a large group was coming.  I told them that we all knew and were trying to get on the hayride and train ride before they arrived.  It wasn't too crazy but it was 4 bus fulls of kids from Chicot-we are very fortunate that we made it there early to beat the rush!
  • The first thing we did was ride on the hay ride.  Poor Graham remembered the shoot out that happens and was near panic.  His little lip was just quivering at first.  He was hanging on to me in my lap and I was juggling Keaton and my camera.  Then Campbell caught on that there was something to be scared about so she started whining.  Though when the bank robber came, Graham did calm down a bit and seemed to relax for the first time.  He is saying that he doesn't want to go to the pumpkin patch  with his class on Monday-probably all because of the hay ride.  
  • After the hay ride, we hit the train ride.  I was the chosen adult to ride and the kids all did well-Graham even held it together when Bad Bart, the bank robber, showed up again.  Bad Bart is actually a local pastor and hopefully he will never speak at our church or Graham would run out.  
  • Next up was quite a bit of time at the peddle tractors and then on to the bounce house for a few minutes.  Then I tried to get a few pictures on the hay bales and by the time it was hot and the kids were ready to pick out their pumpkins.  I then dumped the baby and hauled two pumpkins back to the car in the stroller and then returned with a wagon from the patch to collect our other two pumpkins.  Oh, I did leave the baby with Emily and not just walking around the pumpkins (though she would have loved that).
  • The kids were told that if they behaved we could stop by Wendys for frostys on the way home and since they were very good, we did have our frostys.  Oh, and for those of you wondering-I didn't take the big van to the patch.  I didn't know if I would have been able to back up.  So Robby took it to work but couldn't park in the parking garage and parked across the street in the tour bus parking!
  • Back at home, I started work on pulling out Reagan's winter clothes while everyone else watched a movie.  Then lunch and more winter clothes work.  Next up was nap for the little girls and I started working on next weeks school.  And before we knew it, Robby came home early.
  • We then headed out to eat supper and then to Jump Zone-crazy big day for my little Dennies.  They jumped, bounced and had a blast.  Campbell could do all but one of the jumpys and that little thing would just go wherever she pleased-leaving me and Robby to follow her or lose her.  The others are so good about staying together or telling us where they are going-not Campbell.  Keaton loved watching everyone and even got to bounce on one for a few minutes.  Then she just grinned from ear to ear walking back and forth to me and Robby across the busy place.  
  • On the way home, we had juice boxes and a little bit of a snack once we made it home.  They were pretty tired tonight-man, we are all tired after our busy day!

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