October 20, 2012

Upward Super Bowl Saturday!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • This morning started early, early.  I think every time that Robby and I stirred in the middle of the night, we would set up to look at the clock.  My first check of the clock was at 12:45.  This was the one game that we couldn't be late too!  
  • So around 6, Robby and I were up getting ready and finishing all of our last minute stuff before waking up the kids.  They might have been tired but they were ready to get to the stadium.  They were so excited-as Phillip said today "this was their Super Bowl."  
  • We had breakfast in the car and even put on a few shoes while in the car.  I think that Reagan, Anderson and Graham were all in awe as they entered the stadium and realized they would be right there playing on the field.  We will have to watch the Razorbacks next week so they can see the stadium full.  
  • The boys had a great game and really seem to have gotten the hang of things.  Now they are thinking about playing t-ball (um, hate to break it to them that Upward doesn't do t-ball so they won't be playing-we kind of like the no pressure, let's have fun, 8 week season.  Soccer is coming up though so they will soon forget about t-ball).
  • Keaton enjoyed walking around some with Grandpa and being passed around to all of the grandparents.  Now Campbell, she loved playing in the Upward tunnel unattended.  She is a mess and thinks that she is as big as the rest of the kids.
  • Reagan's cheerleading squad did a cheer and a pom routine at halftime.  She is definitely the loudest one there.  I think she enjoyed cheerleading and would do it again.  But her sport is soccer and she says almost every game day that she is ready for soccer.  
  • After the game and quite a few pictures, we headed to Krispy Kreme with all of the grandparents.  Needless to say, with all of that crew we were sharing chairs and standing up there on a Saturday morning (especially when the Race for the Cure folks started showing up).  We pretty much devoured 2 dozen doughnuts!
  • We then had a few minutes before our next stop so we went to Sams for a few minutes.  We can always find things to buy there-today it was a clearanced blow up swimming pool (only 13 dollars but still a good buy even though I had bought one on sale at Target right after summer).  And then we found some fruit snacks and Santa even found a foosball table that he is very interested in purchasing.   
  • The World Cheese Dip Championship was up next.  We had never been before and we had a really, really good time.  The weather was just perfect and the kids really enjoyed it.  And of course who wouldn't enjoy unlimited chips and cheese dip.  We would grab a few different dips, Robby and I would preview them for the kids (some were not child friendly-way too hot) and then we would find a spot to sit and just eat until our bowls were empty and do it all again.  There was probably about 25 different dips and the kids took voting for their favorite very seriously.  They voted as a block for 5A and 7P.  I remember that because it was said about a zillion times.
  • After their stomachs were full and we were craving out Tums and Alkaseltzer, we let them jump on the bouncy.  It was perfect because a few weekends ago at the Clinton library, the bouncys were wet and they couldn't jump but today, we let them jump their little hearts out.
  • Next stop was Walmart for Robby on the way home.  He bought a bit of storage for the van.  We really like our new ride but it has little/no storage so we are now pimped out with plastic bins for it.  Once at home, everyone played outside while we vacuumed out the car, moved car seats and packed the van (not for our trip yet but just with the basics-paper towels, extra clothes, bandaids, diapers...you get the idea).
  • After a while working in the van, a long while playing outside and popsicles, Robby and then I had showers and then all of the kids did as well.  It was 3:30 in the afternoon and all of us had on our pajamas-perfect Saturday!  Keaton had been trying to take a nap (unsuccessfully) so she joined the boys in the shower.  Then they had some fruit for a snack (doughnuts and cheese dip had really been our only other real meals).  Everyone played for awhile and then watched a movie.
  • I whipped up a delicious supper (ha, spaghetti!) and we pretty much devoured it.  I think that we were just hungry.  After supper, everyone cleaned up the toy room, watched another movie, Robby vacuumed and I folded more laundry than most people have in their entire house.  At bedtime, these Dennies were pretty tired from this busy Saturday!

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