October 16, 2012

Outdoor art project!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • We were all still sleeping at 7:30 this morning and when Robby said that I would have to get up in a minute, I looked at him and asked "why?"  I had forgotten that Graham did have to leave with Robby so I would have to get him ready.  Our restful bliss wouldn't have lasted too much longer anyway because by the time I was up the stairs, everyone was already starting to stir.
  • Graham was moving slowly until I mentioned that he had to get to school so it could start and then Grannymom could pick him up.  That lit a fire under him and he really started stirring.  By the time, Graham made it downstairs along with Campbell who was also dressed (remember she has to put on her clothes first thing in the morning), Keaton was stirring as well.  
  • So we all had breakfast, waved bye to Graham and them started on our school work.  I convinced Campbell to watch Keaton for me while I took a shower.  This provided a few extra minutes for Anderson and Reagan to work on their school work in quietness-though I don't know exactly what they accomplished while the 3 of us were gone.
  • There is one part of Anderson's phonics that he has started to rely on me to do with him.  Me doing it with him consists of me pointing to the words while he reads it but today he told me not to point to the words yet still wouldn't even attempt it unless I was sitting beside him.  Crazy frustrating to me.  So I sent him to his desk and he did the majority of it by himself-but he was not at all happy with me!
  • I have decided that Keaton does not like the school room.  She gets fussy by 9:30 and I give her some milk to buy me some more time.  Then by 10:30 I stick her in bed.  Though she can hear us and usually fusses for awhile but then sleeps until 12.  I have her a zillion toys laid out to play with but probably everyone hovering over her gets her riled up.  
  • One of our projects today was to weigh and measure our pumpkins.  Everyone enjoyed that and they just begged me to weigh and measure Graham's pumpkin.  I wouldn't let them but we left everything out for Graham to do in the morning.
  • I had a few minutes before lunch and started pulling out Anderson's winter clothes.  When I looked through Reagan's bins of clothes I had to search through 3 bins.  For Campbell, I had to look through 4 bins but for Anderson, I had to only look through 1/2 of a bin.  No worries though, he still has enough winter clothes and I only probably need find him some blue jeans that fit (stretchy waist) and maybe he needs a heavy winter coat (the coat switch over is a job for another day)
  • It was then lunch time and before I knew it, Reagan and Anderson were in the living room playing Go Fish with each other.  They have never played a game just by themselves.  And they really did great-there was no fussing and they even played each sitting on opposite sides of the ottoman so they couldn't cheat.
  • After naps, I sent everyone outside.  We swang, played some football, played in the dirt and also played a quick game of Mother May I?  And that was hysterical-they couldn't remember to ask Mother May I? for anything.  I saw the bird houses and brought Reagan's birdhouse and paint outside for her to work on.  She finished hers and was so proud to hang it up.  Of course her painting outside made Anderson and Campbell want to paint as well so we all did that for awhile.
  • Soon it was nearing time for Robby and Graham to come home, so I took the little girls in and started on supper.  Graham had been gone all day long-but he was so proud that he earned a dollar by raking leaves for Grandpa.  We had supper and then everyone had showers.
  • Afterwards, we all enjoyed cookies and reviewed our Awana verses before letting the kids play a bit before bed.  But then after putting them to bed, they have been going nuts up there.  I have been up there twice and Robby is up there now.  If it continues there will be a few sleeping in the attic tonight.

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