October 19, 2012

Hold 'em up Mister!
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  • Something about cold weather because everyone is sleeping so well.  Even this morning with Kennedy here, they were all still in bed at 7:30.  Lovely!  Soon though Campbell was awake and talking.  Over the monitor we heard her asking to get out of bed and then heard footsteps going to her bed.  They have gotten good at getting her out of bed-I have seen it and it is not pretty though.  If she has feetie pajamas on she has to take them off first so she can really lift her leg up over the rail.  
  • They all started playing and gave me a few minutes to cuddle with Graham, then cuddle with Keaton and then take my shower.  When I was getting dressed, I heard Robby giving them a speech about what was going to happen at the house and how everyone was too obey.  It worked fairly well.  
  • As soon as Campbell came down stairs, she was ready for me to take her outside so we could hang up her pink polka dotted birdhouse.  That child was so proud of her birdhouse.  
  • After breakfast, we did school.  Kennedy was here as well so I pulled out a few things for her to do and Reagan was a good sport diligently doing her work with Kennedy beside her or working with Kennedy to finish her work.  Graham even did really well today and was happy to finish most of his stuff.  Anderson got bogged down with phonics and then demanded for me to help him with a page (not even a hard one).  Not surprisingly I refused his demands!  He finally figured it out and then quickly breezed through the rest of his boxes.  
  • After we read science, we did a candy corn/dice game.  That had been my bribe most of the morning and after that we were still finished by 11ish.  Keaton was sleeping so I ran upstairs to work on Graham's winter clothes.  I was pretty much finished by lunch and then turned on a movie during lunch so I could do the rest.  I have now completed all of the Dennie kids summer to winter change over.  Though I do have two more boxes of holiday clothing (halloween, Christmas) to go through on Monday.  
  • After I had lunch picked up, I lost my mind and helped the kids make slime.  Now Reagan has never liked getting her hands dirty or touching anything weird.  It took her forever to warm up to the idea of even stirring the gooey mess.  Graham continually wanted to wipe his hands-they didn't really play with it for as long as I had hoped but they did have fun.  Anderson wanted to make a huge vat of slime for our 100 day of school party (we are on day 59 of school!)
  • The kids played some more and then I put Keaton and Campbell down for naps.  The others started to watch a movie but continued to be too noisy so I just kicked them all outside.  They had a blast and immediately migrated to the dirt pile.  It was beautiful outside today.  
  • Kennedy left around 3 and shortly after I headed inside to start working on getting stuff for tomorrow ready.  And soon all of the kids migrated in as well.  Campbell woke up and did peek outside while I was finding some wood.  She wouldn't leave the garage and kept looking around-I think she was afraid of a deer.  Don't ask me why?  
  • Robby came home and soon it was time for Graham and I to head to Chase's birthday party.  It was a cowboy themed party and even had a hayride.  Graham was in his element and his best buddies-Grant and Gage were both there.  He couldn't have been happier.  
  • At home, everyone else ate supper and had showers.  Graham and Campbell talked on the phone to each other the entire way home.  At home, Graham was ready to eat supper (again) and then it was bedtime for everyone.  Hopefully, they are all sleeping because tomorrow is an early, early morning.

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