April 30, 2018

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  • Whitman joined us around 7 this morning. He laid quietly in our bed for a few minutes which was a nice change since on Sunday, he came into our room, sat by our door and turned on an ipad movie.
  • Keaton helped me find his breakfast, but I was summoned to pour his milk. After he ate some, it was soon time for him to head to school. 3 days of school left for the boy. I think that he was not too pleased when I reminded him that his grandparents wouldn't pick him up today. Though when I arrived, he was perfectly happy to see me.
  • Everyone worked well on their school today. The kids know that they only have 2 more full days after today and 2 half days. I feel pretty good about everything we have accomplished this year. I have certainly enjoyed history and think that the kids have too.
  • I had to leave at 11 to go and pick up Whitman. Everyone stayed here and worked on their school work. I think that things were fairly calm while I was gone-at least I hope that it was calm here.
  • We had our lunch, and then everyone worked on their science fair projects a bit more. We didn't write out their reports this time which has sent everyone into a tizzy. They will do fine and their speeches will be much shorter which is a good thing. 
  • The church has mentioned screen free week which is happening this week, so we decided that we would do a modified version (after all we are here ALL day long.) So there are no screens on this week from 1-5. It will take a bit of getting used to but really is a good thing.
  • I have noticed that when my kids don't have their ipads, they are much uglier with each other or they are happily playing together. All of this free time has caused many more messes around here though! Everyone is pulling out something to do-legos, forts, cooking, volcano making. Why can't they do things like laundry, dusting, toilet cleaning?
  • Robby arrived in time to take the 3 bigs to their soccer practice. Meanwhile, I worked with Whitman and Campbell and Keaton did some work for the trip. When the others arrived home, Graham was excited that he had scored during a scrimmage, and Anderson said that they had to run 14 laps which he didn't seem to bothered by.
  • I had supper ready when they arrived home. We all ate and then the soccer stars had their showers. Afterwards, they had a bit of downtime with those blessed ipads before it was bedtime around here!

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