May 31, 2024-Branson in May!

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This morning was fairly similar to yesterday except Graham had a shower so we had to wake him up first of the crew. Everyone was a little bit quieter getting ready this morning. I am not sure how we have done some many early days at Disney with all of the kids-we are not super early park people for sure. 

However, we do it when we need to-like today. We again arrived early since the opening of the park for passholders was at 8:30. Our first stop was Time Traveler which we all did again-even Robby and me. We asked why we felt the need to get on that ride today since we proved to ourselves yesterday that we were still young and could do it.

Then we rode Fire in the Hole again. After that the kids did the Barnswings before riding Powder Keg. When they were on Powder Keg we got the notifications that the rain was starting in 10 minutes so we then headed to the car. 

We were walking to the car as the park officially opened-the exit wasn't even open yet! I am sure that people thought we forgot something or who knows, but we had done a whole day at the park before they were even coming in.

We didn't have to wait in any lines at Silver Dollar City, but we did have to wait for an hour at Billy Gails for our breakfast. It was well worth the wait though-most of the time we did sit in the car. Keaton and Whitman split a chocolate chip pancake. Campbell had one too and could have split with Keaton and Whitman. Campbell also had chicken, Graham had a pancake that tasted like french toast while Reagan and I split avocado toast. Robby and Anderson both had traditional breakfasts with meat and eggs.

After eating, we went to the Amish store to buy some peach and mango salsa. We also bought a few other things-like fudge and beef jerky. Then we came home to watch the baseball game. The camper was pretty quiet before the game except for the rain steadily beating on the roof! Rain and a nap make for a perfect afternoon. 

The Hogs game lasted forever-I napped, I read a book, I watched the game, I had a snack, and the game just kept going, We were all glad that the game ended in a win. We then loaded up to go and eat at Ozark Mountain Pizza. 

We started off with salad breadsticks. Robby knew he ordered too much pizza, but the kids will never think about camping and us not having enough food. (In the camper, we always pack way too much food as well.) We had a half cheese and half pepperoni plus another sausage pizza. 

After the pizza, we came back to the camper and loaded the car on the trailer. We had a time since the ground was wet, plus we didn't have too much room since our site is a bit short. We made it work, and are all ready to pull out tomorrow,

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