July 19, 2011

Fun evening at the Penningtons!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Work morning around here and everyone was off to Nonna’s house for a morning of playing outside and bike riding.  Graham was so tickled to hand out his birthday invitations that he was beside himself with excitement. 
  • The kids went over to see Papaw, destroyed Nonna’s house and sweated gallons while outside playing-they had a blast. 
  • I had my doctor’s appointment around lunch (click here for the update) and then made it back to pick everyone up around 1.  They were just finishing lunch and then helped me clean.  When Nonna passed out cookies to the ride home, Anderson asked if we could save them for school.  Reagan was so excited about having a snack during school. 
  • We came home and Campbell was already asleep so we unloaded the car and started school.  Today went well and probably more smoothly than yesterday.  Graham was pretty irate when I didn’t have him a worksheet to do.  I had to go and quickly find one.  Reagan was confused that she wasn’t watching her math video today (finishing up yesterday’s lesson) and Anderson couldn’t wait to get to the last box-making jello (even though he doesn’t eat jello)
  • Eventually, I offered Graham his milk in exchange for a nap and he took me up on it.  So we finished school and then had time to spare before Robby made it home.  Reagan said tonight that she really loved school because we were able to miss nap-I had to break it to her that that is not my first choice.  School in the morning and afternoon naps is my first choice. 
  • We then loaded up and went to April and Jaymie’s house for supper.  The kids all played-10 kids is not quiet, not quiet at all.  But they did all have a blast and no bones or furniture was broken.
  • When we made it home, Anderson was the first one in the house and he was thrilled to see that Grannymom and Grandpa were there.  They were working on the boys light that has stopped working but they were able to fix it and the boys feel like they are sleeping in a new bedroom

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