July 23, 2011

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
Cash came to swim! A pool full!
  • With Tara off to Dallas for a girls' trip this weekend, it's Robby and the kids fending for themselves. (Well, we actually have lots of help.)  All the kids stirred just as Grannymom was getting to our house at 7:00 AM.  Robby was off to help Dana move into her new house
  • The kids had breakfast and were having a big time playing dress up with Grannymom when Nonna arrived to relieve Grannymom who headed to help with the move
  • More playing, lunch, more playing and then Grannymom was back over to relieve Nonna. Cash came this time and even more playing ensued.  Robby made it home to find Grannymom, Cash, Grandpa, Josh and Zach and he brought Sonic slushes for everyone.  G-mom and G-pa, Josh and Zach headed home but Cash stayed to play some more.
  • To try to cool off (& as an incentive to clean up all the toys), Robby decided to let the kids skip naps and go swimming and more swimming and then Popsicles helped woo everyone out of the pool
  • Then it was milk and movie time, before everyone got hungry. So we got our shoes on, Robby put the extra seat back in the van and we were on our way to Chick-Fil-A.  Everyone ate a good supper, saw Ethan and Avery and played on the slide before it was time to take Cash home to his new house
  • We couldn't pass up the chance to check out Dana's new place (plus the previous owners weren't coming to get their trampoline for a few days so that meant  we could all jump for awhile since all the cousins were here.
  • Graham was about to fall asleep on the trampoline so we headed home, had another snack (Do we have more snacks when Tara is away?), more milk and soon Graham was asking to go to bed.  After prayers, we headed straight to bed and Robby hasn't heard a sound since.

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