July 22, 2011

Thanks Mom for our special notes!
(Dad thanks you for the extra
cookies and treats!)
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Everyone must have been caught up on the sleep today because the boys and Campbell were up before 7:00 a.m.
  • After Robby left for work, I let the kids decide if they wanted to go to the library first or school first - of course, Reagan really wanted to do school first but the boys out voted her so off to the library we went
  • We found more books and even some new movies (a Tractor movie!) before making it home for school (and a nap for Campbell)
  • Lite day for school since it was Friday and soon it was lunch time.
  • It was time for to make snacks not for the kids but for all 11 girls going to Dallas this weekend; plus a nice bribe for Robby for keeping the kids over the weekend
  • The kids pitched in and we made a slew of snicker-doodles and rice krispie treats
  • Soon we were headed to Nonna and Pops - we got to go play, eat dinner and a snack while Robby was helping Dana pack up for her a big move tomorrow
  • Robby picked up the kids - Reagan & Anderson were NOT ready to go; they had just started a snoopy movie but after a bit of screaming at dad, it was soon time to go
  • Made it home for another glass of milk, bathroom, and then we found special notes from Mom in our beds. The kids could not have been more thrilled.  They were so excited Mom had left each of them a note. So the kids quickly wanted to call her and everyone got to say hi.
  • Worn out again I guess because they have not made a peep after going to bed around 9:15

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