July 20, 2011

Discovering the diving board!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • As we were eating breakfast today, Campbell heard a truck and shouted “daddy” with a big grin on our face.  Unfortunately, she was just a few hours too early and was only hollering for the trash truck passing through the neighborhood
  • I had told the kids that we would go somewhere special if no one would say “uuunnnhh” at me-the boys are in a bad habit of saying that in exasperation when they are told what to do.  They managed to hold it in fairly well so after a few chores (mine, not theirs-their chores are on my October goal list) 
  • Finally, I clued them in that we were going swimming at Amber’s house and they were beyond excited.  If they could put on their bathing suits every morning then I wouldn’t have to help anyone get dressed.
  • At Amber’s house, the kids were ready to get in the pool.  After putting sunscreen, hats and floatees on everyone it was time to climb in.  Graham, of course, was the first in and everyone followed.  Campbell is quite the floater now and can mostly manage by herself though I can’t really see her face due to her hat, I keep a hand on her. 
  • Graham was the first to discover the diving board.  He climbed up and then climbed back down.  And then he did it again.  The next time, I held his hand, counted to 3 and gave him a tiny push.  He came up with the hugest grin on his face.  Next Reagan and Anderson decided they wanted a turn.  They could have jumped all day long….
  • And Campbell would have jumped too if I would have let her.  She did see others jumping and took a leap off of the edge of the pool into the water.  She went under and then popped back up as happy as she could be.  She jumped in a few times and some even remarked about how well she did.  Though she did cause quite a stir when she tumbled down the pool steps into the water but when she popped up, you would have thought she meant to do that
  • We had a few snacks there, Sara had watermelon which was a hit with Reagan and even had a popsicle before heading home.  The kids all did well and listened fairly good.  Getting everyone to leave was work but not too crazy.  We stopped on the way home for a hamburger and they devoured it.  Campbell was already asleep so she missed out on lunch
  • At home, I put Campbell in bed and told the kids it was almost school time.  Graham has become my little school helper-he was busy downstairs setting up the table and then when I was finishing unloading, he was sitting in floor waiting on school to start.
  • After school, Anderson was almost asleep but then jumped up to say “I thought I was going to get to read” so he did his first day of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  Then it was movie time while waiting on Robby.
  • We had Amy S.’s recipe for breakfast burritos for supper and they were delicious.  And afterwards, we had a quick errand to run at Walmart.  Robby let the kids vote on a snack to eat and Anderson lost out.  But he didn’t care because a Little Debbie is a Little Debbie and he was just tickled that everyone was able to eat the snack when we came home. 

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