July 16, 2011: Dennie Family Get Together

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Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • We slept until 7:30 this morning and the kids probably only stirred because Robby and I were talking-or it could have been because this room has probably 15 feet of wall to ceiling windows in it and it was pretty bright!
  • It didn’t take too long for us all to get dressed and head to The Pancake Shop.  Surprisingly, it didn’t take too long for our party of 16 to be seated.  We were the first table and as soon as we sat down, Campbell started being a little toot and threw her spoon-thankfully, it didn’t hit anyone.  Everyone used to be really good out to eaters but I am afraid that we are in a little slump
  • The pancakes were very good-I had apple, Robby had blueberry and the kids had an order of plain pancakes with lots and lots of syrup.  I also ordered sausage which came with two sausage patties the size of hamburger patties.  They were huge and Campbell thought she was something else getting to eat them
  • We walked through the Mountain Valley Spring Water plant on the way back to the car and then came back to the house and sat for a few minutes before getting our bathing suits and walking down the path to the pool.  Campbell had fallen asleep and missed out on the first bit of swimming but soon she was awake and ready to jump in the pool.
  • After swimming, we came in and put clothes back on and then let the kids snack while we worked on eating the leftover bbq.  The kids played for awhile and soon it was nap time for all of this Dennie bunch.  I told Reagan to come take a nap when she finished her “go fish” game that she was playing but she never came and we never came to find her so she did luck out on missing a nap.  The boys though crashed and it didn’t take Campbell long to fall asleep in her closet.
  • After our naps, we woke up and Les was working on supper.  After cooking the potatoes for 2 hours he discovered that the oven wasn’t on but that didn’t delay our meal too much.  Most had steaks or hot dogs, along with baked potatoes and left over baked beans.  I tell you I always cook way too many baked beans-this was our second meal of them and we could probably have them for the next two days. 
  • Next up was more swimming and really swimming once a day is plenty for me.  The swimming part isn’t so bad but the changing into and changing out of the swimming suits is the pain.  The kids have been really good and fairly patient while waiting on us to do everything we needed to do.  After seeing her cousins swim so well, Reagan decided that she wanted to learn to swim so she took off her floatees and worked a bit kicking.  Swimming lessons will have to be in our future next summer….probably should even sign me up too.
  • After we were all in our pajamas and sitting on the couch having our bedtime snacks, Robby remembered that we forgot the watermelon.  Maybe we will have it for breakfast.  I whispered and told Reagan and she didn’t seem to mind-especially when I told her that if we didn’t eat it here we would take it home. 
  • The kids all sat and played on the itouches, iphones, and other electronic devices while watching a movie tonight.  I just don’t think we had all of these gadgets growing up.  But it is quite the sight to see-I wonder where they get that…could it possibly be that must of us grownups were busy playing with our phones too. 
  • After a long day, Campbell and Reagan were the first ones asleep and the boys eventually followed.  Robby and I are doing laundry and then plan on finishing off the ice cream-can’t take it home!

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