July 21, 2011

Friends over for lunch and a play date!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Worn out from swimming yesterday, no one stirred before 7:15 this morning - well Campbell might have been awake a little bit but didn't get up until Robby got her out of bed around 7:30. He then woke the other three up - all were quickly out of the bed when he mentioned it was time to go to Grannymom and Grandpa's house
  • Kids couldn't understand why Robby was taking them (he's done this before but it must have been awhile) but all were in the car and at G & G's before 7:45.
  • A morning of playing, snacks and a little hummingbird watching and soon Robby was back to pick everyone; I needed a few minutes at home after work because company was coming
  • The kids were thrilled to see Ms. Sara and Ms. Candace and their kids already here and soon it was lunch time - peanut butter & jelly for the kids, chicken salad for the grown ups and strawberries, watermelon and brownies
  • After lunch, the grown ups talked about school (Reagan, Noah and Alyssa Kate will all be starting Comm. Central in a few weeks) and all the kids preceded to destroy the house.  Nothing that couldn't be picked up a little later after they were done playing but we did have to make our bedroom off limits after a little screwdriver incident
  • After our company left, it was time to start our 4th day of school... with a bit later start, it meant everyone stayed up for school except Campbell so no naps and we just barely finished before Robby made it home
  • Supper time right before I left for Bunko; think the kids were already getting tired with no nap earlier in the day but they managed to play a little more, watch a movie and have a Zebra cake for snack with Robby
  • With the promise of one more movie, no one had trouble getting their pajamas on and were soon back downstairs when the satellite decided it was time for an update right in the middle of Max & Ruby which delayed our bedtime by about 15 minutes
  • Not a peep from anyone tonight - think they were all worn out from today and still resting up from the big swimming party yesterday

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