July 9, 2011

Swim Time!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Every morning when Robby leaves for work, at least one child throws a fit because he is leaving, everyone waves from the windows and blows kisses-but this morning when I was the first one to leave-no one noticed.  I finally walked back to the steps to tell them bye again and just heard a chorus of “byes” but no one seemed to miss me.  I was only gone to Old Navy for about 15 minutes so they probably really didn’t even miss me at all
  • Next up, Robby ran back to Old Navy to finish my shopping and the kids seemed to notice a little more when he left.  But we were finishing getting ready for our day so they were pretty distracted.
  • We met the crew at the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse and Mr. Chad was there.  Graham was pretty terrified that he was there but eventually gave him five as we left.  On the other hand, Campbell loved Ms. Alicia especially since she let her play in her water glass.  Wonder why Graham is scared of Mr. Chad-could it be that we always mention that he will have to live with Mr. Chad if he is a bad boy and even tell him that he is coming to pick him up because he heard him screaming
  • We stayed at breakfast until it was almost lunch time.  The kids were at a table by themselves and did very good for a 2.5 hour breakfast.  They finally entertained themselves by playing on the back deck and even splashing around in our cups of water-it was getting hot out on the back porch by the time we finished our breakfast.
  • After breakfast we ran an errand to the mall, Sams and then to Target.  We picked up a shirt for me, shirt for Robby and pants for Anderson.  The kids were happy about getting to ride in the buggy and eat their pretzel from the mall so we were able to shop for quite awhile at Target.
  • Next up was naps at home and then waking up watching a movie from the library.  After that it was time for pb and j sandwiches and then not so patiently waiting on Nonna, Pops and Jason to come over.  Earlier in the day, the kids saw Robby blowing up the swimming pool and they all screamed and watched everything he was doing-they were so excited.  And Reagan was so excited about getting to eat her watermelon tonight that she had bought with her own money. 
  • Robby had a date with 5 other women tonight so he was gone.  Graham asked if he was going to where I have bunko and it was just as easy to explain that he was going to bunko.  Reagan wanted to stay awake until he came home so we will see if she makes it-of course, she is tucked in her bed while waiting!
  • The kids splashed, played, swallowed gobs of water (especially Campbell), jumped and even played baseball.  When they got in the pool, Campbell could barely walk it was so full but by the end of the night she was able to sit on the bottom.  They only took a break for watermelon and Reagan was really the only one who ate any.  Campbell did like carrying hers around with her but she ate mostly the green. 
  • Finally, I coaxed everyone into the house with some juice and they played for awhile with Nonna and Pops and then it was finally bedtime after a few stories from Jason.  Surely they are pretty worn out…I am at least!

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