July 30, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • The morning was pretty uneventful.  The kids played with Graham’s new birthday presents and divided up the leftover donuts for breakfast.  We put on our clothes and started to leave for a day of shopping but first Robby suggested that we clean the pantry.  This was fine with the kids because they were playing happily.
  • We picked up our medicine at Sams and spent our wait time sampling all of the samples that they were passing out.  This was Reagan’s favorite part of the day and the boys are not hesitant about walking up to a table and asking for something. 
  • Next up was a few grocery stores and then lunch at Tazikis-very good.  Then we finally came home for naps and everyone had a nap this afternoon.  We then had leftovers for supper and soon even though it was bedtime we loaded up and headed out again.
  • We had tickets to the Traveler’s ballgame tonight at 7:10.  The kids were very excited about it.  Everyone plopped down on the blanket and sat for awhile.  Campbell was the entertainment though.  She would sit on the blanket then walk to the gate and turn around and stare at everyone.  She would also dance a jig and clap along with the organ.
  • As we tucked everyone in tonight, I passed out glow sticks.  We had them left over from the party and Graham had been asking me about it all day long so they finally had their chance to have them.  Often we let them have their left over glowsticks in bed at night-maybe not anymore….
  • So as we sat down tonight with the kids all tucked in, we heard screaming coming from upstairs.  It was pretty intense so I was the first to hit the steps and Robby was right behind me.  I knew it was Anderson and my first thought was that he had fallen off of the bunk but since I didn’t hear a thud, I knew that wasn’t it. 
  • I opened the door fully expecting to find him hanging off of the bed by his feet but he was screaming like a mad man trying to get out of his bed.  I couldn’t understand what he was saying from all of the blubbering and gesturing but just assumed that there was a bug or rodent in his bed. 
  • Soon we were able to figure it out-his glow stick had burst and gotten in his eye.  I grabbed him and took him to the bathroom and started pouring water on his eye.  Of course, he was still screaming so most of the water went into his mouth which he would then spit back on my shirt.  Of course, this caused Graham and Reagan to get out of bed and were standing in the hall with their hands over their mouths.
  • The poor boy was still sobbing and shaking like a leaf as Robby read the package and discovered that all was fine even though “it might cause temporary discomfort.”  These words were foreign to Anderson who then screamed “IS IT POISON?” 
  • After a few more douses of water and then some visine, Anderson finally stopped shaking.  He said he needed to sleep in my bed but I offered him a new glow stick instead-he shivered when I mentioned it and will probably never touch a glow stick again.  As we retucked Reagan in, she had her glow stick laying on the floor-she was going to take no chances. 

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