July 14, 2011

No Diving! It's a deck pool!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
Click here for tonight’s swimming video
  • This morning we headed to Grannymom’s house for the morning while Robby and I went to work.  The kids must have been hungry because before I left everyone was sitting at the table waiting on their food.  Campbell has graduated from the booster seat at Grannymom’s house and just plops herself down at a big girl seat.
  • When I arrived to pick everyone up, things seemed calm but within a few minutes Reagan was having a Graham sized fit because Anderson had moved a piece of paper and Anderson was screaming at Reagan.  And before long, Graham was starting to kick his feet and holler….so I just left! 
  • All things did calm down in a few minutes and we headed to Barnes and Noble to pick up Reagan’s free book.  I hadn’t been to Barnes and Noble in a long time and was surprised at all of the toys they were selling there.  Anyway, the kids were good and I let them play for a few minutes on the train table but since Campbell didn’t have a paci we had to move quickly.
  • We looked for her book ourselves, then went to the front desk, were told to go to customer service, followed the worker to the children’s area, followed him out of the children’s area, followed him back to the children’s area and finally were shown the book we were looking for.  Reagan was so pleased with herself for reading her 8 books and getting to pick out a book for herself.  She changed her mind about 10 times but finally decided on one and walked to the cashier and handed him her book and forms.  She was so proud (should have had my camera)
  • Next stop was the library for books for everyone else.  I set a limit of 5 per person but I am the one that some how always ends up putting more than my limit of books in the bag (not books for me but kid books).  All was well but Campbell had had enough and found a nice spot to squeal in the library so she could hear her echo.  I told them kids to pick out their books quickly so we could get out of there before we were kicked out
  • Back at home, the kids asked for something to eat.  I asked Anderson what he wanted and he said an apple-so of course, I had to let him have an apple before bed.  An apple for him, strawberries for Campbell and Graham and the rest of the watermelon for Reagan.  We soon had naps and everyone was quite until 4:30. 
  • Of course, right before naps, the kids started playing and they were playing so well together.  And what would my Dennie kids be playing: hotel clerk.  Reagan was the clerk, the boys had credit cards to pay and then she gave them room keys.  She showed them their rooms and the bathroom, even passed out a flyer for a movie to them and reminded them about breakfast in the morning. 
  • Supper and then Robby came home and I headed out to Bunko.  The next event was swimming in their clothes.  They had a blast and thought they were something else getting to swim without their bathing suits.  They went to bed fairly easy after a busy day and need their rest for the big outing tomorrow.

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