July 24, 2011

Let the birthday celebrations
begin - here comes  #3!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Everyone woke up fairly early this morning-early enough to even have breakfast at home.  I had laid the clothes out for church so everyone was dressed with a bit of ease.  Though Robby had a bit of difficulty with Reagan’s ponytail so they ended up with a headband
  • Graham had a fit going into his class and quite possibly had a fit during his class because he wanted more juice.  Ms. Kelli did get him more juice so hopefully his fit wasn’t too horrible
  • At Nonna's house, everyone enjoyed spaghetti for lunch and then Graham was delighted to see that he had a birthday cake-an orange birthday cake and one just for him.  His smile was huge and he couldn’t have been happier.  Robby sent me a video of him and his cake so I could see it while on the way home. (click here for the video)
  • Soon it was time to come home for naps and everyone was pretty tired but Reagan stayed up to welcome me home.  She spent her rest time making a Welcome Home sign for me.  And then waited by the door when Robby told her I was close by. 
  • Soon everyone was up and happy to see me.  Graham was quick to tell me that today was his birthday and I tried to tell him that his real birthday was Friday but he assured me that it was today because he had a cake earlier in the day. 
  • We decided to go to church and started getting ready.  Anderson, Reagan and I changed into our church clothes while Graham was on the potty.  I checked on him a few times and even flushed the potty to help with the smell-but soon I realized what the smell was.  His tummy had been a bit upset (catch my drift) and he didn’t make it on the potty and made a mess on the floor.  So he used the towel to clean it all up.  He had actually done a very good job cleaning it up but the bathroom now needed a quick clean (by a grown person) and Graham also needed a quick clean!  So Graham and Campbell had a bath and Graham received an A for effort!
  • By now, church had already started and Robby ran a few errands while I passed out supper.  Then it was play time and everything was going fine until Campbell fell and hurt her lip.  She came walking into the den, crying and bleeding everywhere.  But it was nothing that a few kisses, hugs and a cup of milk couldn’t help
  • We read a few books until Campbell went to bed then we put on pajamas and read one more book.  Robby came home in time for prayers and everyone was sent to bed.  Reagan was pretty tired but I can hear the boys with their toy drill right now-so things are pretty lively up there now.

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