July 28, 2011

The boy is SO excited
about his birthday cake for tomorrow!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • It was work morning for us and surprisingly Campbell and Graham were the only ones awake when it was time.  Anderson was sound asleep when Robby finally woke him up.  I sure don’t understand why they don’t sleep in when I can sleep in.
  • They all had a great time at Grannymom’s house though it was reported that Graham might have been a little ornery.  Anderson did try to convince us that Grannymom yelled in his ear (we checked these facts with Reagan and she disagreed).  Finally when Robby offered to call Grannymom to see if this really happened (and to see what he had done wrong) he quickly recanted that story.  Little booger!
  • Back at home, it was nap time for Campbell.  I don’t know if she is just teething (has just gotten 4 new teeth) or if she has a cold.  She is constantly drooling with a runny nose and now has a pretty good cough.  But since she doesn’t feel bad, we aren’t too worried.
  • Graham and I were practicing what to say when you open a present.  I asked what do you say when you open something you like and he replied “I’m sorry” which is what he is usually being required to say.  Then he quickly remembered that “thank you” was the right answer.  Next I asked “what do you say if someone gives you a present full of broccoli?”  And that boy quickly replied “no, thank you.”
  • Graham thought he wanted to take a nap and I silently rejoiced that today at school there would only be 2 there but as soon as Graham finished his milk he called that maybe he was ready to get up.  Everyone was fine at school and I am quite surprised at what all they can memorize-even Graham. 
  • After supper, the boys needed a hair cut so they headed to the back deck.  Anderson was first and the neighbors probably called scan over his whining and Graham definitely noticed because he followed suit with the same sobbing.  They did quite enjoy Robby hosing their head and shoulders down so they could play outside with a gobs of hair on them for a few minutes
  • Next up was bath time and then I ran to the store to pick up a few more things for Graham’s party.  When I can home, I started working on his cake.  Graham was right by my side the whole evening.  He supervised everything that I did.  It was quite entertaining-he was quite complementary of everything I did and even said that I could sleep in Anderson’s bed tonight and he also said that I did so good that I would get a hug.
  • Yes, we forgot to take pictures so I did have to bust in on Campbell to take her picture.  I think she was pretty asleep but started giggling by the time I left.  These pictures that Reagan drew show the progression of our family-Robby, me and Reagan, then adding Anderson, then adding Graham and then adding Campbell and the latest picture shows the 6 of us and my huge belly-I took her crayons away!

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