July 6, 2011

Did someone call a
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • The boys are still on East coast time and were awake before 6.  Robby was so asleep that he didn’t know what time it was and let them get up.  They went right to the fridge and looked for milk (there wasn’t any), then Graham tried to find a pillow in our bed (there wasn’t any) and Anderson tried to take some more blanket for himself (there wasn’t any).  They calmed for awhile, then became to rowdy and we kicked them out!
  • I took the kids to Nonna’s house while I did a little bit of work.  When we drove up, Campbell started shouting “pa, pa” while raising her hands looking for Pops.  Before we could get into the house, Pops drove up and she was one happy girl
  • Nonna and Pops had a new boy’s bike at their house and the bike rider of the bunch, Anderson, wasn’t that crazy about it.  The training wheels were a little bit uneven so it wobbled and he didn’t like that.  Graham didn’t mind though and rode it pretty well-at least for someone who couldn’t peddle a few weeks ago.  Reagan could have cared less about the bikes at all
  • Back at home, I told everyone that they would go to bed after I cleaned the kitchen and Reagan was ready for nap so she helped me unload the dishwasher and then helped clean the table.  She was ready for nap because I told her I would let her use a camera.  On the trip, she told me that she wanted to save her money and buy a pink Barbie camera-I told her no because kid cameras weren’t good enough and we had extra cameras here she could have.  And of course, when it was camera lesson time-the battery was dead.  But she is so excited about having her own camera!
  • Everyone else slept until after Robby made it home and then we all played play doh and had supper while Robby worked outside.  Sometime during this, Anderson took off his clothes and ended up in his underwear and Campbell who had gotten her clothes wet and was just in a diaper, put on Anderson’s shorts.  I put his shirt on her-no reason to waste any clothes.  And before long Reagan and Anderson were giving Campbell “a makeover”-the worked on her hair, patted her face with toys and just really bothered the mess out of her.  Next time I walked in the kitchen, Anderson was doing something to Reagan’s toenails-I don’t know if he was supposed to be cutting or painting them-I just turned and left.
  • Then we worked some outside and everyone had a chance on the riding lawnmower.  Then it was time for popsicles and showers.  Busy day and another one tomorrow!

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