July 10, 2011

Pink umbrella, chocolate cupcake
& punch - pretty good night!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Church morning and since we had missed last week it took us a few extra minutes to get ready.  So we had to stop for our cinna minis on the way-Graham was so happy to see the “cinnamon roll place” (also known as Burger King).
  • At church, Reagan’s class had everyone pick someone that they could tell about Jesus.  Reagan picked Belle (our dog!).  I guess that we probably have never explained the gospel to Belle so that will Reagan’s job this week
  • We were in Campbell’s class for worship care and she could take any of the little girls in that class.  Seriously, we were kind of afraid for them-Campbell is a chunk with a temper and that might not be a good thing for her friends!
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops’ house and then kids ate most of their food and were very intrigued by the purple hull peas.  Maybe we should grow some next year-ha, who am I kidding-we will just have to buy some at the store.  Nonna had a fruit tray and the kids devoured it.  Nonna had a yellow meat watermelon and Reagan gave it a good try but at nap today she told me that she liked the red ones better
  • At home, we had nap-a long, wonderful nap and then hurried around to get ready again for church since we had forgotten that it was at 6.  Love the new time but sure can’t remember it.  Robby did take down the gates this afternoon since Campbell goes up and down the stairs as she pleases now.  I don’t know if the kids feel this way or not but it kind of makes me feel like I am going to fall down the steps without the gate there anymore.
  • After church they had cupcakes so they kids were very excited about that.  On the way out, Mr. Ralph honked at us and some others as were going down the steps.  Anderson shouted “that scared my underwear off”-I should be glad that is what he said!
  • Back at home, while we were putting on pajamas, Graham touched Robby’s head and said “Daddy, you no have lots of hair.”  Robby was quick to remind him that all of his hair will fall out too. 

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