July 8, 2011

Balloon Release!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Reagan continues her camera lessons - first six pictures courtesy of Reagan
  • We were up and getting ready this morning for our trip to the library.  I really want to try to go every Friday.  But it seems like we check out more books that we can read in a week and then I end up taking something back late.  Anyway, we’ll get a good system and start going.
  • After the library, we went to Campbell’s 18 month doctors appointment.  Apparently she isn’t our child-she is tall.  Almost off of the chart tall.  34 inches and 33 pounds (oh, okay, I guess she is ours by the weight!)  She does have a cold but other than that she’s fine.  Dr. Martin did say that most 3 year olds weigh about 35 pounds so Ms. C will now be drinking slim fast (or maybe some skim milk)
  • Robby was with us at the doctor’s office and then took us to McDonalds to eat.  The kids grazed but mostly played-and unfortunately now Campbell can climb up with a boost or two from her siblings.  Of course, this takes forever for them to coax her down.
  • As we were leaving, Reagan looked at the McDonalds Happy Meal box and said “why don’t we get a toy?”  I replied that we used our money to buy food and she responded with “but it comes with a toy and everyone else gets one.”  Who told her that?  I guess my happy meal toys can no longer be Christmas stocking gifts!  And no, she didn’t get it today-those are really my trip bribes. 
  • On the way home from McDonalds, the kids started talking about heaven.  I mentioned the streets of gold and then Anderson said “I sure hope there are pop tarts in heaven”-me too buddy
  • Soon it was nap time and after nap, Anderson must not have been as awake as I thought because when I said that we were going to meet Daddy in a little bit.  He looked at me and shouted “we are going to EAT Daddy?”  He truly had a panicked look on his face. 
  • After this happened, Graham must have thought since we were going to eat Daddy, he needed to make sure he knew where his tattoos were that Robby has had in his wallet for over a week.  I do not know how he can remember things like that but I had to text Robby to make sure he still had them.  He did and all was well
  • We watched one movie and then loaded up to meet Robby.  I met him across the street from his work at the post office and some one backed out as I was driving by.  I stopped so suddenly and they did too that I didn’t know if we had hit each other or not.  No telling what I said but Reagan exclaimed “well, you finally bumped into someone”-like I had won a contest.  I did park and get out and look and all was fine.  We were probably a few inches apart but oh, my!
  • We toured the Historic Arkansas Museum for the 2nd Friday Arts Night.  They had a few interesting things to look at but the kids were more intrigued with the lemonade, crackers and cheese.  After snacking and more gift shop looking for me, we headed to Walmart to pick up a few things. 
  • When we made it home, Anderson who had thrown a few fits during the day was sent to bed and as he was going, Reagan hit him so she was also sent to bed.  This left Graham up who thought that he was going to get to stay up all night long.  He didn’t get too!

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