July 26, 2011

Nine cousins sitting on a wall...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • The kids were ready to start the morning and were pretty happy to see me leave for work because that meant that in just a little bit they were headed swimming.
  • Robby handled breakfast for everyone and then suggested they put on their swim suits and they were ready in no time-I was quite surprised to see that they had all found different swim suits than I had laid out for them (I was afraid that someone was not pleased with my choice but they didn't see them)
  • They all arrived at the swimming pool to celebrate Lilly's 7th birthday.  Josh, Zach, Lilly, Cash and my crew were all there.  As soon as Robby unloaded he realized we had forgotten to pack the floaties so he loaded Campbell back up to go and get them from the house-except Campbell was going to have NO part in getting back in her car seat.  She was livid with him but calmed when she saw they were turning right around when they came home.  
  • After swimming for quite awhile, it was time for lunch, presents and cupcakes.  Dana and I arrived just in time for lunch and the kids seemed to gobble everything down.
  • Next up was a bit more swimming and since Campbell was laying her head on my shoulder while we were in the water, I thought it was time to start everyone heading to the car.  Grannymom did have one person ask if all of those kids were mine? (all 8-my 4 and the 4 cousins).  That lady had probably thought the Duggars had come to visit Woodlands Edge!
  • Thankfully, the juice boxes kept everyone awake until we made it home.  It is pretty hard to get a sleeping Campbell from the back of the van without waking her up, falling or dropping her.  I was almost able to lay her down and convince Graham that he needed a nap instead of doing school.  But once he had finished his milk, he was ready to come down for school-so he did which made for a very long day for this 2 year old-notice the picture of him asleep on the couch at 5
  • Reagan and the boys did school and Nonna arrived just as we were finishing up.  Reagan was so excited to show Nonna everything-she tried to show her every piece of paper that she had worked on for the last 2 weeks.  She is so proud-hope that continues.  Nonna and Reagan soon headed out-Reagan is spending the night with Nonna and Pops tonight and the boys are pretty excited that they get a turn too soon.
  • Finally, Robby made it home and we all headed out to eat supper at Chili's followed by me running in to pick up Graham a pinata for his birthday party.  Graham was so tickled by his guitar pinata and thanked me a zillion times for  getting it for him.  He went overboard with his thanks but if I do ever need to hear that I am the best Momma ever, I will go and buy that boy another pinata.
  • We made it home and Campbell went to bed and then the boys watched one last movie before bed-they look pretty tired so I bet they will be asleep in no time (fingers crossed)

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