July 27, 2011

3 year old brain lab visit
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Busy, busy seems to be the theme of the month so we continued with it today-Graham had his 2 year old check up at the Nutrition Center so we loaded up and took Campbell and Anderson to Nonna’s house this morning
  • Reagan was quite a busy little girl over at Nonna’s house last night and this morning.  She had the idea to make Beebee and Papaw a fruit tray and take them some strawberry lemonade and then she helped Nonna make breakfast and she surprised Nonna by making breakfast for Nonna too.
  • At the Nutrition Center, Graham was the perfect little boy.  He grinned, smiled and made the ladies up there swoon over him.  During the hour long psych testing, he did good and even worked hard-until he got tired and then shrugging his shoulders (I would have too after an hour).  Next up was lunch and playing in the playroom until it was time for brain lab.  He did very well but quickly became tired and after an hour was restless too.  (And again I would have been too). 
  • I have heard him tell others about Reagan, Anderson and Campbell but as he started to say their names he realized they wouldn’t know who he was talking about and started calling them his “big sister” “big brother” and “little sister”-it was so cute.  He talked and talked about them.
  • Graham and I picked up the other 3 and even stayed at Nonna’s house to have a few bits of cake before heading home to put Graham (who asked to take a nap) and Campbell down for a nap. 
  • As we pulled into the neighborhood, I saw Frontliners from church and was telling the kids that I hoped they hadn’t been to our house so we could invite them in for a few minutes to cool off and use the potty.  But there was a group of them across the street when we pulled in the garage, I walked over and invited them in…
  • and soon we had 15 using the potty.  When they left, Graham and Campbell laid down and 8 more rang the doorbell.  After they left, Graham decided he wanted to join the party and we started school.  But before long, the doorbell rang again and more potty-ers stopped by.  The kids just sat on the steps and stared at all of them-they loved having everyone here.  Anderson didn’t quite understand why they couldn’t stay and play with him though
  • We finally finished school, just as Robby came home and after supper we loaded up and headed to Dana’s house.  The kids were hoping that we could jump on her trampoline but it had already been moved so they were content playing with Lilly and Cash’s toys.\
  • When we left and turned out of the neighborhood, Anderson and Reagan said they wanted to go home and not anywhere else.  They quickly changed their tune when they saw that we were stopping at a sno cone place.  Everyone enjoyed their icees and they needed to be hosed down at the end of the evening (that didn’t happen)

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