July 7, 2011

Uh oh!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Robby took Anderson, Graham and Campbell to Grannymom’s house to play and then he took Reagan to meet Kennedy and play at her house for the day early this morning
  • At Grannymom’s house, the crew rode bikes, got hot and went in the back to swing.  Campbell wanted to swing first but she had her turn second.  Grannymom also let them drink water out of big, big cups-this report comes from Graham so I am not sure about its validity but it sounds accurate. 
  • At Kennedy’s house, Reagan and Kennedy played all day long in Kennedy’s room.  They played dollhouse and even pretended they were going on a trip.  They ate a cheese stick in her room and had lunch and jello but weren’t allowed to eat those in her room-this report was from Reagan
  • Robby picked the little 3 up from Grandpa and they came home to play before lunch.  When I made it home, they were all 3 sitting quietly, playing in the den.  So I hid as long as I could before I was spotted.  They soon picked up most of the toys because they wanted to play legos and played legos until lunch
  • It was a bit after 12 when I started getting around to lunch but Campbell must have already been hungry.  While I was working on lunch, she got the pop tarts out of the pantry, put them on the table, climbed on top of the table and started eating one.  I think I may have to get a pantry lock-but I still let her have her pop tart for lunch-after all, she worked so hard for it.
  • Soon it was nap time and everyone slept.  Usually Reagan doesn’t sleep so she gets up earlier than everyone else.  But without her here today, I had already finished my list and didn’t have anything to do until the kids woke up.  I am sure Baby V will change all of that.
  • We loaded up right after naptime to pick Reagan up and then headed to Staples.  The kids were great following me around up and down the aisles-until Campbell started screaming.  It wasn’t pretty but we made it out of there without too many stares.
  • Next up was meeting Robby at Sams for supper and to buy a few gallons of milk.  The kids enjoyed watching themselves on the video camera while Robby was researching printers.  Graham did some how manage to cut his hand pretty good but he is one tough boy-wouldn’t let me put a bandaid on it, wouldn’t let me wipe it with a wipes and just held it against his shirt.  He finally let me put ice on it-I think it was just a pretty good paper cut from cardboard or something. 
  • Soon it was bedtime-Reagan was able to take a few pictures with her camera before bed and conned me into letting her take it with us somewhere tomorrow.  She is so pleased and must feel like a big girl…because she then asked us if she can have a phone!…She’s 5, who would she call?

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