July 12, 2011

Fashionista in the making?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • The boys were the first ones up this morning and I guess they have figured out that 7 is when they are allowed up so we don’t hear from them until 7 these days-it is bliss!
  • Reagan’s thing these days is that she will try to put on her clothes before we ask.  She goes to great lengths to hide what she is doing and has even put her pajamas back on top of her clothes.  Of course, on most days I have already laid out their clothes but she sneaks some out of her room, so she has had the same set of clothes laying out for days
  • Everyone played at Nonna’s house all morning long while I was at work.  Reagan made a picture for Beebee so they went over to deliver it and Campbell nodded to Nonna that she wanted to come but when they made it over there, she changed her mind.  Anderson was sad that they didn’t get to go out and play but since my car said it was 106-it was probably best that they stayed in. 
  • When I came to pick everyone up, they had completely trashed Nonna’s house-I promise there were at least 1000 toys on the floor.  Anderson hesitated picking up but eventually joined in (with a little bit of cajoling from me).  He has gotten a bit better about picking up but it must just be something about boys because his brother is just as aloof when it comes to picking up. 
  • At home, it was nap time for everyone this afternoon and Anderson took a nap today which aloud me to get more accomplished.  Yesterday, him and Reagan took turns calling me to see when they could get up so all I did was run up and down the stairs.  I guess that might be okay for my waistline though!
  • Reagan spent her afternoon coloring on a tshirt that Robby had from work.  It says you can use these special markers, wear it and then when it washes you can color it again.  Even if you can’t do all of that she had a blast today and spent at least an hour coloring on it.
  • Robby came home with supper from Sams and we even tried edamame (Click Here for a Picture).  Reagan and Campbell were all about it but the boys were fairly picky-though they did like the cinnamon bread I had bought earlier in the day
  • The big 3 took turns taking pictures with a real camera, Reagan read a book to me and Robby and finally Reagan and Anderson watched a movie, Graham was sent to his room for fussing at me and Campbell and Robby ran to the store for a few minutes. 

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