July 11, 2011

Are these my shoes?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • It took awhile for us to get moving this morning but we finally made it downstairs, after putting on our clothes and straightening the upstairs.  We had our apples that Graham bought with his money, watermelon from Reagan’s purchase and cereal from Anderson’s shopping trip along with a pint of strawberries-which we finished off at lunch
  • The kids played with most of their toys all morning long but the highlight was helping me touch up paint from taking the gates down (no one has fallen yet-though Campbell did fall out of Graham’s bed tonight over the bedrail though Graham could not let her outdo him and he later fell out of his bed after we had tucked him in-again, they fell out over the bedrail). 
  • Also, we helped put together a set of drawers for Reagan’s school and then waited on Campbell to go to bed for her morning nap so we could play Memory.  The kids were so funny, they would all get so excited for each other when someone made a match
  • After lunch, Robby came home to do a little repair work on the potty (constantly running) while we ate our lunch we read a few books and then everyone played while I cut a few coupons and folded laundry before nap time.
  • Reagan read another book to me at nap-she only has 2 more before she can go and pick up her free book from the bookstore-she is so excited.  Though today the book was a bit long and she asked if we could just finished it tomorrow-we only had one more page so we pressed on. 
  • After nap, we watched a movie and then the kids played/ran/screamed until Robby came home.  He had a few more fixes to the potty and then we were off to eat.  The kids were decent at the restaurant but Graham almost had meltdown but the sight of the spanking spoon calmed things down. 
  • Back at home, we headed to bed and before I had made it downstairs, Grannymom, Lilly and Cash rang the doorbell-the kids thought they had hit the jackpot getting to stay up late and play with their cousins.  Everyone played and played until they headed home and then it was back to bed for the Dennie crew-and that must have worn them out because we never heard from anyone again for the evening

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