July 29, 2011

Graham Turns 3!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Graham woke up this morning and he was all grins-he knew that today was going to be a big, big day and it truly was.  Anderson and him raced to the mini fridge to get their milks and handed one to Campbell.  After they guzzled that it was time for us to get ready to go.
  • Our first stop this morning was Krispy Kreme (Reagan had asked me last night if donuts were healthy and if we should eat something else for breakfast instead of donuts-I don’t know who she has been talking too but that healthy business must stop!). 
  • The kids all picked out their donuts and then we passed out the hats, lit the candle and sang Happy Birthday to our little 3 year old.  He was so proud and soon had ladybug donut all over his face.  Campbell spent her time eating the glazed, Anderson ate 1.5 any was too interested in playing to eat more and Reagan only licks the icing off of the top.
  • When everyone was finished eating and played for a bit, we let Graham open up his present from us and he was thrilled with his new rescue vehicle book.  Next up was Wonderplace.  We were the first ones there and had the place to ourselves for a few minutes but soon it became pretty busy.
  • This was the first time Campbell has been there since she could walk so she was in heaven.  Seriously, she was so happy-of course, I had to watch her the entire time (notice the picture with her feet in the air as she was playing in the water and once she dipped her hair in just so she could get her ponytail wet).  Reagan constantly wants for me to play with her so I have to drag Campbell with us (and often she didn’t want to leave the water area).  I was able to do this a few times but this still left the boys mostly unattended.  I was able to play with them some but was spread fairly thin. 
  • The boys were so excited to see Jacob and Ethan show up too at the Wonderplace.  They played for awhile but mainly Graham and Anderson stuck together while playing.  Though every once in a while Anderson would come running to find me and would say “I didn’t know where you are”-funny because I would always tell him where I would be and really, how could he miss me (remember that very large belly that Reagan drew me as having yesterday)
  • After playing for awhile, we met Robby at McDonalds for lunch.  The kids devoured their nuggets and were still going strong when we left lunch and headed to the library.  I had a few books on hold so I had to pick them up.  Since we had quite a few books checked out already, I told them that they could only get one-but I am a book softy so we ended up dragging our library bag back out to the car full of books-my goal is to finish them all before the beach
  • When we finally made it home, Campbell was asleep and I was about it be.  Since today wasn’t a school day, everyone went down for a nap.  I was able to finish getting most things ready for Graham’s party, get school ready for next week and even sit down for a few minutes.  Soon everyone was stirring and we finished straightening upstairs and the laundry (so nice that they are getting big enough to help….some)
  • Since downstairs was clean, I didn’t want anyone to get out any toys so I did what any good parent would do-I kept the DVDs playing and the snacks coming.  And before long, it was 6 and the Rock N Roll birthday party was starting and the house was still straight.
  • Graham had a very small guest list and was very adamant that we didn’t invite anyone else.  Thankfully all of his favorite folks were there (even though one of them had spent most of the day in the ER).  He was so thrilled to see everyone there.  The first event was eating and while at the kid table all of the kids sang Happy Birthday to him on their own. 
  • Next was presents and our saying thank you sessions must have paid off because he was all about telling/shouting thank you for everything.  Reagan was so thrilled to give him the bracelet that she had made for him along with the card.  He ended up with quite a few toys-a guitar, spacemen, a car wash and cars, blocks, books, undies, paint and some other things. 
  • Then we had the traditional pinata and everyone was so excited.  Anderson did take a few whacks at it and knock the hanging part off so Robby had to hold it and the scene from Misery briefly crossed my mind as Reagan almost whacked Robby’s knees with the baseball bat.  When the candy finally spilled out on the deck, the kids rushed towards it and started grabbing candy like they had never seen candy before.  And yes, this kind of made me feel a little bit guilty since it was all candy from our candy bin-they were scrambling to grab their own candy. 
  • After the pinata, it was cake time and Graham was so cute watching everyone sing.  He blew out his candles and then the kids all started telling us exactly which piece of cake they would like.  I just got a brownie for Campbell but when Grannymom put it in front of her, she shook her said and said “un uh” so apparently she also had an opinion on what piece of cake she wanted. 
  • When everyone left, we cleaned up, opened most of the presents and finally everyone went to bed.  A few minutes after they went to bed, I went in Reagan’s room to hand her a glow stick that I had found but she was already sound asleep.  You can definitely tell who had a nap around here-the boys were still going strong.

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