October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • After two nights of not being able to find Keaton's pacifier, we finally found it last night.  We have others but she just spits them out.  It was a long two nights without it-actually, she doesn't keep them in her mouth for long but long enough to calm down.  So I thought last night would be a breeze with her paci back but instead from 9-12:30ish she was a bit fussy.  Not fussy if she was being held-which made doing dishes and laundry pretty difficult.  She woke up at 3 but fell asleep after only 2 ounces and then woke up at 6.  
  • We had all managed to go back to sleep until Graham came downstairs a little after 7.  He thinks he is something else coming downstairs without asking.  As long as it is after 7 it is fine with me but I would still prefer him ask.  Anyway, by the time we were moving around it was 7:30 and since we need to leave at 7:50 we were a tiny bit late.  I take everyone on Mondays to drop of Reagan and Anderson and this was the first time that I had dropped Anderson off and they were already singing in the hallway.  Graham walked over towards Ms. Wendolyn like he was going to class and then realized that it wasn't his class so he turned back around and headed to me.
  • On our way to Reagan's class, Graham asked if we could go see Pops and when he would be done "tiring."  All Campbell was interested in was carrying Reagan's lunch box though she probably can't do that anymore because poor Reagan said that her candy bag had a whole in it and her corn was spilling and everything was wet.  
  • After dropping them off, Keaton, Graham and Campbell cut fingernails, played train, read a book, did laundry and played trucks and a few games.  When Anderson came home, Graham and Campbell were finished up working on their milk jug ghosts.  Reagan didn't want to go to school today because the others were going to get to do theirs and she was going to miss out.  I tried to explain that she had already done hers and had done more than they were going to get to do but that didn't help.
  • We had lunch and then the boys watched a movie while the girls slept.  I tried to get a few things done and before too long it was time to pick up Reagan.  I saw her class playing on the playground and then lining up to go back inside as we drove up.  She was having fun and was so proud of her Halloween sweater on loan from Lilly.
  • We made it home and were eating some candy when Robby arrived home and we started on carving our pumpkin (yes, we are procrastinators).  Campbell didn't want anything to do with the inside nor did Anderson.  He even left the bar one time when Reagan started throwing it at him (she got this idea from Robby who sneezed it out at Campbell).  After everyone calmed down, we were able to finish our jack o lantern and they were all pretty pleased.
  • Then we just had to wait until trick or treat time and they were so excited they were going crazy.  Finally, it was time to go and we crashed a neighborhood to pick up some candy.  Campbell ran after the big kids with her bucket in hand up to the first house though she didn't know what she was doing.  But by the next house, the girl had it down and would often say thank you as she walked off.  
  • Anderson was all into it this year-running up and down sidewalks and was ready to go all night long.  Grannymom said that this was Robby's favorite holiday and it will probably be Anderson's too.  Next stop was Lilly and Cash's house for some candy and we hit up their neighbor's house along with Grannymom's neighbors too.  We had our jack o lantern shaped pizza at Grannymom's house before moving on to Nonna's house.  
  • Jason was there and had candy for them so they got double at Pops.  We put on our pajamas and then headed home to bed.  Everyone was worn out from the big day...and surprisingly no one was on a sugar high!

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