Branson: June 16, 2015

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Again we woke up this morning after a peaceful nights rest.  The sheriff has not come to visit us and "grumpy" (downstairs tenant) even complimented how quiet we were yesterday.  Though tonight I do believe that all 5 big boys (all but Whitman) are sleeping on that side of the house so the sheriff might indeed come and visit me yet.  I probably should find the leftover cupcakes and set them by the door-but they are in the Les' place next door and all I have to offer is Keaton's leftover Andy's custard.

Les had made breakfast this morning-eggs, potatoes, bacon, cinnamon rolls and fruit.  Most everyone had already eaten when we came over and Shelley was having to stand over the cinnamon rolls swatting boys hands so there would be enough for us.  As soon as we went through the line, Dana cut those cinnamon rolls into pieces and the boys rushed down the stairs like they were giving away money downstairs.

Before we left, the kids sang "Happy Anniversary" to Grannymom and Grandpa.  After their song, Grandpa asked "is it the 19th?"-he was worried that he had missed a few days.  We all watched as Grannymom and Grandpa then opened their card from all of the kids.

A bit before 9, we all loaded up and headed to Silver Dollar City.  We didn't have any trouble catching the tram and my Whitman really likes the parking lot tram.  On the way back to the car last night, Whitman saw the driver and then the others give the thumbs up sign so Whitman would put up his little thumb too.

At the park, we all stayed together for a bit and started the morning by watching the big kids ride Powder Keg.  Campbell and Keaton watched them ride that ride along with us, Grannymom and Grandpa.  We watched those rides loudly zoom by us and my Keaton was taking it all in.  The first ride that I started my day off with was the log ride.  I certainly don't mind getting a little wet and the log ride fit the bill.  

I get a bit fuzzy on what rides were next but I do know that we took Campbell and Keaton to ride Fire in the Hole.  My Keaton did not know what it was but she did NOT want to get on it.  She was terrified-as in, we were the horrible parents making her ride a ride that she didn't want to.  But she did enjoy it (kind of-at least she stopped screaming) and she earned 5 sweet tarts for her ride!  

The rest of the morning was spent riding rides-big rides for the big kids, little rides for the little kids along with a show or two for Grannymom, Grandpa and Whitman-and dodging little rain showers that were mostly sprinkles.  Then at about lunch time, Les saw that a storm was coming so we found a perfect covered eating area and had lunch.  Robby and I had never had one of the skillet meals from here and it was delicious-or maybe anything warm and dry would have been just as delicious but we will definitely be getting this again.  

After this ride, I think that Dana and the kids went to ride the "bath tub wet" water raft ride.  Needless to say, I skipped this ride and have no intention of riding it again-unless I ride it naked! (or I guess I could wear a bathing suit-my fellow riders would probably prefer that.)  I had told Keaton that I would look for her on the ride but after a bit of waiting, Robby and I decided that we would go try to find apple dumpling.  Apparently, it is seasonal and we couldn't find it but we did find some wonderful cinnamon bread.  Robby brought his folks one and delivered it to them during the show they were watching.  And we managed to arrive back just as soon as everyone else finished the ride.  Keaton walked up to me and asked "did you see me?" and I honestly answered back "yes, I did." (I have indeed seen her before and have even seen her on the ride when I rode it with her yesterday.)

Whitman, Keaton and Campbell enjoyed riding in the new Fireman's area.  Silver Dollar City does have quite a few little bitty kid rides along with enough super fast rides for the big kids to keep everyone happy.  Now, it will be a challenge for us to keep every one's ride-tank filled when we come back by ourselves.  Robby and I used to enjoy roller coasters and he does still like Thunderation (a mild one that Campbell started to cry on today and yesterday) but I don't really even like that one much (though I will do it) and I certainly do not like spinny things.  I guess we are getting old-or maybe we just need to take some Dramamine before coming to the park. 

After our last ride of the day, Thunderation, the kids watched a magic show where Lilli and Reagan were called up to be volunteers.  Then it was back to the condo for a bit before supper.  We had told our kids that we would probably get to ride go-carts tonight but once back at the hotel, we saw it would be a wash out and there would be no go-carts.  Obviously, this disappointed everyone but they all survived.

We had a bit of downtime at the condo and then all loaded up to eat supper.  We headed towards Casa Fuentes (possibly that was the name or possibly not) and when we pulled up, Shelley ran in to see if eating there was even a possibility for our group of 17.  It was and we all ran inside so as not to get wet and found exactly 17 seats in the restaurant.  They did have one other table which was filled as soon as we all sat down but the place was then packed full...leaving only one guy to be the waiter.  Though a few minutes after we all came in, one worker man came through the front door-I guess reinforcements had been called to help out.  The food was good and everyone ate and ate until we almost didn't need to stop at Andys...but we did anyway.

The custard was just as good tonight even though it was 10 degrees cooler and the rain was blowing on us.  Everyone else seemed to leave just before the storm blew up.  Once it did, my Dennies all ran back to the van.  Keaton and Campbell were squealing, Graham was splashing and Whitman was yelling "my eyes wet."  We were drenched and laughing the entire way back to the van...and I do believe that Les and his family were laughing at us (not with us) as well!  I think that they stayed around an extra minute or two just to see or show!  

Once back at the condo, the rain let up enough for us to get in and change out of our wet clothes for the second time today.  The kids didn't last too long awake tonight-Campbell is sleeping with Dana, Graham and Anderson are in that condo as well (who knows where they are all sleeping), Keaton is currently in our bed and Reagan and Lilli are again upstairs and Whitman is still in the closet! 

We have all had a great time on our vacation but it must come to an end-tomorrow we will head home and re-evaluate every little thing that we brought on this trip to make sure that it will be adequate for the next Dennie adventure coming up in 8 short days!

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