June 12, 2015

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  • In the middle of the night, we heard a voice over the monitor saying "Mama, I lost my tooth."  Of course, that voice had to repeat themselves a few times before we could figure out who was speaking and what they were saying.  Robby figured it out and went upstairs to help.  I don't know why he was awake, why he decided to pull his tooth (which we didn't know was loose) and how he lost it after pulling it.  Thankfully Robby was able to help find it and all was well.
  • This morning started fairly early for us.  We were able to do some chores and get a few things accomplished in the house before we loaded up for the swimming pool.  We picked up Lilli and Cash on the way there and the kids had a blast playing with each other.
  • The pool wasn't too crazy but my big kids all seemed to take up most of the deep end.  They did get a bit rowdy in the shallow end and the lifeguard told them no more running.  My Graham and Anderson did set out for a bit but other than that our pool morning went smoothly.
  • At noon, I quickly made sandwiches for everyone (trying to make the food, pass it out and them eat it before the whistle blows for them to get back in).  When it was time to come home, everyone helped me load up and then unload once we made it home.
  • I was able to do quite a bit of packing this afternoon and then when Robby came home, I made some cookies for tomorrow, for tonight, for Branson and for the freezer.  We then had leftovers for supper-I do believe that we have a never ending batch of leftovers.  Lilli is here tonight but even with one more mouth to feed we still didn't finish off one container of our many leftovers.  I am determined that we will eat them all.
  • The kids all went outside and soon Robby ended up hanging a "net" and we played a game of balloon volleyball.  Then the big boys had their hair cut before everyone came in for showers.
  • Whitman had a rough evening.  While the others were playing outside, he fell twice and was brought in to me.  A third time I saw Lilli carrying him into the house and the kids all were talking at once.  They thought there was a wasp around here and decided that he was just scared of it. But on inspection, the little guy was stung on his hand.  I gave him some benedryl and Robby held some ice on his little hand.  Soon he was asking to go back outside with the others.  Later after his shower, I quickly opened the fridge to pull something out and I just whacked the baby right on his forehead.  It was a loud enough thud that Anderson came in the room and said "what was that?" He soon recovered from that too but I am sure that he will sleep well tonight.
  • The girls made popcorn-took 3 bags for them to finally get it right.  The popcorn was served with coke and a cookie while they are all watching a movie.  Robby and I are hiding out in our bedroom and have thoughts of turning off the lights and going to sleep-surely everyone could put themselves to bed, don't you think?

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