June 5, 2015

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  • Keaton and I made muffins for breakfast today.  I only made 2 packages of muffins but I probably should make more.  I made sure that everyone (especially Graham) understood to eat slowly and fill up on the fruit becuase muffins and fruit were all that was going to be served for breakfast.
  • I had planned on going to visit Beebee around 10:15 so the early morning went by pretty quickly.  We rushed around doing our chores, our reading and a bit of school work.  And just when we were about to start putting on shoes, Beebee returned my phone call and she was feeling a bit under the weather today (She was hit in the head accidently by a lamp so not only did she have a headache today but she was drowsy from some pain meds.)  That left us quite a bit of extra time before leaving this morning.
  • The kids were already ready, the house was straight so that left us with not much to do for an extra hour.  The kids played their kindles and I worked on marking things off of my big list!  When it was time to leave the house, we headed for hair cuts for Reagan and me.  On the way to get our hair cut, Campbell saw a house on Cantrell and shouted "I see the White House"-it wasn't the White House but it was a house that I wanted to live in when I was litle girl.
  • Robby met us and walked the kids across the street for a quick lunch while I was getting my hair cut.  Then Reagan had her hair trimmed-Reagan did not want to have her hair cut but was okay with just a little trim.  I felt like a trim every once in a while is a good thing.
  • After the kids lunch, Robby brought them back with their ice cream and he headed off to a real lunch.  We finished shortly thereafter and headed home for the afternoon.  The afternoon was pretty much the same as usual.  
  • When Robby came home, we loaded up and went to the pool.  Well, Whitman and Robby headed to get Whitman's hair cut.  I am not ready for him to have a cut like his brothers but a shorter summer haid do is what he needed.  They were 8th in line so they missed out on most of the swim time.
  • Lilli and Cash were at the pool and everyone had a great time swimming.  When Whitman did arrive, he wanted to wear goggles like his brothers and sisters.  All of the kids just play and play at the pool-I almost could drop them off and pick them up hours later!  We finally had our supper around 8 during adult swim and came home a bit before 9. 
  • The kids had really quick showers and then it was bedtime.  Tomorrow is a busy day-Campbell has a swim birthday party, Robby has to mow the yard and we all are going to have Sunday lunch for Saturday's supper at the pool tomorrow-busy day!

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