June 1, 2015

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  • I was up first this morning and only because Robby was wide awake and encouraged me to get up.  He was up spraying wasp and bats early, early this morning (joys of country living). Even though we were up early, Campbell still ate her breakfast in the car.  But getting an early start to our day, sure made a difference in the way the rest of my day went.
  • My Campbell left for school and forget to take her crayons.  Yesterday, she found 2 crayons at home and asked if she could take them to school to replace the broken ones in her box.  I told her that of course she could and laid them on the bench so someone would see them this morning.  We didn't see them and I was a bit disappointed because she forget them even though there are only 2 more days of school.  She didn't seem to care though becuase she was able to bring her school box home today.  
  • Here at home, we did our normal routine.  I tried to work in my school room closet some but man, it is a mess.  I figure that it will take me about 4 more hours to work in there before I can get it cleaned up-that will take about 8 days if I can sneak away each day for 30 minutes.  But there is probably no hurry on cleaning the closet because as soon as I am done, my little people will come along and trash it again-I need a lock on that door!
  • We had lunch at home and Reagan at first refused to eat it becuase she had we had eaten chicken spaghetti just the other day and that was a supper meal and not a lunch meal.  I told her that was fine but she did have to eat one bite and could not complain about being hungry.  She ended up eating her entire bowl but she wasn't happy with me at all-I tried to explain that I was serving sandwiches for supper and I didn't want for them to eat sandwiches twice.  However, she did not see that as a problem.
  • The main activity right after lunch was organizing all of our shoes-man, I know there are 16 feet in this house (and 120 toenails that I need to cut soon) but we sure do have a lot of shoes.  They look nice and neat now and I put some up and threw some away.  
  • We then loaded up to go to Grannymom's house for a bit.  We stayed over there for a while and the highlight was the kids riding down the hill on a tricycle type thing.  It looked dangerous to me but they loved it and could have stayed all afternoon going up and down the hill.
  • Back at home, we had a bit of time before loading up to head to church again.  Tonight was the Upward soccer celebration.  They had a juggler there which was entertaining.  Keaton and Whitman sat in big church and they were pretty impressed with the juggler.  Whitman did spent a while trying to crawl under the pew-I just held tightly onto his shorts so he couldn't go anywhere.
  • Robby did get to run through the tunnel with all of the other coaches and he received the White Star award.  I don't remember this award from last year but it was given to one person each year who makes a significant contribution to the Upward program.  That made the evening pretty neat. 
  • After the show, everyone had a cookie and then we came home for a small bite of supper before bedtime.  Tonights bedtime went much more smoothly than last nights (Campbell and Keaton got in big trouble last night)  And Whitman was happy to go to bed tonight because we saw 3 deer when Robby was taking the trash out.  Each night before I put him down, we look out the window to find deer and most nights we do not but tonight we did!  He will talk about those deer all day tomorrow!    
  • My first picture in today's lineup is of my laundry last night.  That was less than 24 hours of laundry here at the Dennie house!  Honestly, in the picture it looks like less than it really was! (I am now accepting applications for a full time laundry volunteer.)

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