June 22, 2015

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  • Last night Cash and my boys picked to watch a movie last night which meant that they would not be able to play the wii then but I told them they could this morning.  I thought they would be up early but they weren't.  When they did wake up, they shot upstairs and were able to play for a few minutes before it was time to go.
  • We loaded up and took my garage sale loot to Dana's house and picked up my girls.  They were not happy to see me but I cheerfully talked about what we were going to do all day long (nothing really) as we drove home.
  • But really, what we did today was listen to Campbell and Keaton fuss, cry, disagree and just be plain ugly.  I stayed Michelle Duggar like calm but it didn't help.  My little girls are just exhausted (along with everyone else) and it is now showing through the behavior.  
  • Actually, Reagan fell apart when we were working on a bit of school work-she wanted the boys to listen to her read the answers when they wanted to do it themselves.  Anderson is quick to snap at people with an ugly tone.  And my Graham completely fell apart this afternoon when I asked him to write a note.  
  • I had had enough of this and decided that my people needed nap times and not movies or kindles.  I know they would make my life a bit more crazy but a good rest is worth a lot.  Of course Whitman napped but Campbell was out wihtin minutes too.  Keaton finally went to sleep (more on that later).  The boys built birdhouses and Reagan worked on her scrapbook.
  • At the end of rest time, Anderson went outside with me to pick up sticks for just 10 minutes.  He picked up sticks for about 3 of our minutes until he found a huge turtle.  Then he had to get Graham, a box, water and grass-thus leaving me out working on sticks by myself (you can pick up quite a few in just 10 minutes)
  • Vacation Bible School was tonight so we had to hurry and eat supper-hmm, I didn't do too hot on supper tonight.  We had eaten sandwiches for lunch and I was out of bread...so I saw the BBQ meat in the fridge.  But then I just had a few chips and a bit of cheese-the kids supper consisted of a few tortilla chips, a few cheetos, a few doritos, some bbq meat and a bit of cheese (I was almost out of that too!)  They didn't seem to care and I wasn't too concerned since I knew they were going to have snack tonight at church.
  • Reagan said that she was so excited about snack tonight.  When we climbed into the car tonight, she said that the snack wasn't very good.  She continued that it was just a bag of goldfish and some water! 
  • Also tonight, when we picked up Keaton and Whitman from Nonna's house, Nonna told me that Keaton had taken a bath but then put her clothes back on...all of them.  Nonna added that Keaton didn't put her bra back on.  Excuse me? What?  During Keaton's nap time, I made her a pallet in my closet and caught her once pouring lotion on herself and then again when I saw her trying on sweaters.  To Nonna's house tonight, she wore leggings, a long sleeve dress, a skirt, possibly a sweater and a bra.  Keaton told Nonna so convincingly that the bra was Campbells that Nonna started to believe her (Campbell did claim the bras that were in a bag of clothes from my aunt).  The discussion on the way home between Keaton and Campbell was about asking permission before wearing the bra-I am just glad that Keaton did not choose to wear one of my bras out and about!

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