June 4, 2015

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  • Today was Campbell's last day of preschool.  This was our fourth year to have Ms. Stacy as a teacher and we hope that she can stick around for 2 more Dennie kids in the next few years. (Keaton asked me tonight how many more days until she started in Ms. Jennifer's class-I do believe that she might be excited!)  Campbell was also excited and she knew that since school was now over, she is now a kindergartner-Wow!  That means that I will have 4 kiddos in school here (that kind of makes me want to breath into a paper bag!)
  • We all loaded up to take Campbell to school this morning.  Robby left first and dropped his car off to get the brakes worked on and after walking Campbell into her class, we picked up Robby.  Then we dropped him off again at Sams so he coudl buy us some milk (we had been completely out for over 24 hours and things were getting desperate around here.)  I filled the van up with gas and then we dropped Robby off one last time-this time at Grannymom's house so he could stay on that side of town until his car was finished.
  • We came home and the kids started on their work and Reagan was finished first and immediately started digging into clothes that the Wilson's had sent over.  She laid everything out and then sorted it out for me so I could put it up.  Reagan already filled up the new-to-her purse and is sleeping in one shirt and my Campbell found a perfect dress to wear.  
  • I sorted through some toys and secretly took them to the garage sale pile and then it was time for lunch.  We had sandwiches and then the kids had a bit of downtime.  Grannymom and Grandpa came over this afternoon-Grandpa worked on something electrical in the bonus room (yep, I don't know what they were doing) and Grannymom raked and raked leaves.
  • About breaktime, Nonna and Campbell showed up with cookies and Sonic drinks for everyone so this was a very big hit.  Campbell said that the cookies were celebrating the end of school and the drinks were celebrating the first day of summer.  
  • We were outside from almost 1 until 7ish and everyone was filthy when we finally did go in.  The kids kept busy doing their own thing but they also helped us a bit with our raking and burning of leaves.  I do believe that the snuck inside the house for a bit to watch two movies but were then back outside for the rest of the evening.  
  • When the leaves were all burned (well, just the section we worked on today) we celebrated with a kick ball game.  Robby, Anderson and Reagan against Campbell, Graham, Keaton (though she kicked for both teams) and me played against each other.  We pretty much got smoked but everyone had fun.  Then Robby ran in so he could take the first shower and everyone else waited on a few shower before washing up.
  • We had BBQ for dinner and it was delicious-or we were really hungry from all of that work.  Either way, we pretty much devoured our meal.  Then we had a bit left from the movie that we watchted the other night before putting everyone in bed!

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