June 7, 2015

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  • Sunday morning and the kids were up before us.  Actually, at some point this morning there was some discussion about where Robby was.  I told Campbell that he was probably in the bathroom but after she had checked all of them multiple times she gave up.  When Anderson asked where he could be, I sat up and looked to see if his phone was still there (secretly hoping he would soon arrive with doughnuts) but his phone was still plugged in.  Finally, I mentioned that he was probably sleeping in Campbell's bed since Campbell had been in our bed for hours.  A few minutes later, Graham came downstairs and confirmed that Robby was indeed in Campbell's bed. 
  • Since everyone was accounted for, we all got up and started to eat breakfast and get ourselves ready for church.  I hurried in and out of the shower so I wouldn't have to answer a zillion questions about whose Sunday shirt was whose.
  • We made stops by to see Nonna before church (Pops'  knees were not cooperating today). Then over to Grannymom and Grandpa.  We found the after church to take a quick pic of them with their "church" flowers in honor of their upcoming 50th anniversary.
  • Robby questioned if Campbell felt okay during church because she sat very still.  I then went to keep the babies while Robby and the kids went to Sunday school.  After church, we headed home since we had already eaten our Sunday lunch last night at the pool.  We had leftovers-hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos or bbq.  With so many choices, it became quite complicated preparing lunch for us.  It didn't help any that Robby and I were making a meal to eat this week plus one to freeze at the same time.
  • After lunch, Robby straightened the garage so I was able to price all of my garage sale stuff while the kids watched a few movies.  We had finished all of our work just in time to watch the Hogs win their baseball game. 
  • Then we quickly changed and loaded up to go to Laynie's birthday party.  The girls were so excited and the big kids could not wait to get over to the swimming pool.  The party was great-pizza, cupcakes, homemade ice cream and cotton candy.  All of the Dennie kids love cotton candy-Whitman was the most intrigued by it and ended up eating all of Hayleys!
  • After the party, everyone headed over to the pool to swim.  They do have a shallow end which Whitman played in and I only had to run in twice to get him when he ventured to far and struggled to get up even with his life jacket on.  He will soon figure it out but going under didn't seem to bother him at all.
  • The kids swam until they were exhausted and so home we headed for showers, teeth brushing and bed...seems like we might be in a rutt! Swimming 3 nights in a row-I made sure that the kids knew tomorrow we would be taking a swimming break! 

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