June 10, 2015

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"It will be okay brother!"
  • One moring we wake up early and then the next morning we wake up late...I think that I like summer time here at the Dennie house.  When Whitman was finally pulled from his bed, his first words were "eat time?"  Despite my freezers being completely crammed full, I still didn't have any pancakes for our breakfast today.  That just left chocolate chip waffles and can you believe that my Grham was unhappy about this.
  • Not only did we have waffles but we also had blueberries.  Nonna ended up with 20 cups for blueberries and after I put some back and froze some, I realized that my people have eaten 12 cups of blueberries in a bit over 24 hours.  That seems a bit excessive to me.  Now, not everyone has helped eat those blueberries-at lunch I asked Anderson to eat one and that boy flat out refused.  At his last doctor's appointment, he told Dr. Martin that he would try some new fruits and veggies and I am holding him to it.  But I guess blueberries were not what he had in mind.  I gave him a good lecture but didn't have the energy to win that blueberry eating battle-but next time, I will!
  • Back to the morning, the kids read, I did the treadmill, we read a few books together, Whitman watched a Thomas the train (which was a bit scary and caused him to huddle with Keaton and then Campbell on the couch during the scary parts.)  We had our lunch and then started with our chores.  Somehow during chores everyone's attitudes went downhill so just like yesterday, I called a meeting and we discussed our behavior.  I have to hide my laughter when the kids start rolling their eyes when I ask them things like "are you being a good example?" and "are you doing your work with excellence?"
  • Around 4, we had to load up for me to run to church for a few minutes.  I had to film a clip for a video-just like with the commercial, my only hope is that I don't make a fool of my self!  Robby met me and we did a kid swap-he ran into the store to pick up some buns and after I finished at church, I went into the library.  
  • Back at home, we heated up BBQ for Nonna, Pops and Jason.  We will miss Sunday lunch with them and so we moved it to Wednesday night supper.  Supper was good and the kids played fairly calmly.  
  • Whitman mostly plays with his trains right now.  But he does spend a lot of time with his big sisters who love to play class.  They put a name tag on his back, they make him stand on the steps (stage) while they pretend they are singing in Big Church and they call him Thomas or Bobby.  Yesterday, he walked up to me at least 3 times and said "I Bobby."  I am afraid that we might just have to start calling him Bobby!
  • The kids watched a bit of their movie before bedtime.  Right now, Keaton is flopping around in her bed just because she can.  A few nights ago, Campbell tried to stay up all night long and she told me that God told her to do it.  He may have, but she was sound asleep just a few minutes after we tucked her in.  

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