June 6, 2015

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  • Tonight when we tucked the kids in, I noticed that their alarm clock showed the time an hour later than it really was.  At first I thought that one of them had accidentally hit a button to make the time change but the more I thought about it, the more I have my suspicions that their father moved their time back by an hour so they would sleep in later on this Saturday morning.
  • And that was fine by me.  Except we were still eating breakfast when I realized that Campbell and I needed to be leaving the house to get to her birthday party.  When I told her to go and put on her bathing suit, she said "but I am still eating" and I told her it didn't matter and to go anyway!  
  • I quickly threw Whitman in the car so I could drop him off at Nonna's house for a bit so Robby could concentrate on the yard while I was at the party with Campbell.  The other kids hung out in the house and even played a board game while Robby quickly mowed the yard.  He said he mowed as fast as he could on the riding lawnmower and then when he was pushing the rest of the yard, his self propelled lawn mower wouldn't go fast enough for him.  He was trying to finish quickly (which I am glad that he did because when I arrived back home, he was done...and I didn't have to help!)
  • Campbell went to Gricen's birthday party.  It was a swim party and it was hot!  Campbell didn't seem to mind and that child went down the slide and off the diving board about a zillion times. That girl swam and swam-her brothers and sisters were invited to the party too but Campbell did NOT want anyone else to come.  She played happily with the other 3 boys from church/school and certainly didn't seem to miss her siblings.
  • Once at home, Robby left with Keaton and Campbell to do some grocery shopping.  They were gone long enough for Whitman (and me) to have a nap.  The others watched a movie or two. After the grocery shopping was finished, I helped unload and then Robby and I reloaded the car up for our evening of swimming.
  • We soon met Dana and her crew and Grannymom and Grandpa at the pool.  We have a birthday party tomorrow afternoon so we all moved Sunday lunch to Saturday supper at the pool.  Robby grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and we had quite the spread-watermelon, cookies, chips and dip.  It was a pleasant evening and pretty perfect.  
  • The kids swam and swam until I think that they were pretty tired (though cousin Lilli spent all day at the pool today.  Seriously, all day from 9 to 9!)  Our pool evening was plenty of time to wear the kids out and there wasn't too many upset faces when we said that it was time to head home.
  • At home, we quickly washed everyone and then put everyone in bed.  Our shower routine seems to be getting quicker as the summer goes along.  Hopefully soon showers for all kids will take 10 minutes and not our current average of 20.  Probably if I would spend more time washing kids and less time keeping track of our time, we could decrease our shower times!

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