Branson: June 17, 2015

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Our last night in Branson was a good one and we all woke up well rested.  Campbell told Dana that it was her turn to cook breakfast (she made this up) but Dana was still able to come up with a breakfast to appease my girls-toast, fruit and bacon.  

We loaded up and then took one last picture before leaving.  My Whitman did not want to leave at all-he wanted to stay and play with his choo choos on the rug in the living room.  He has become a bit too obsessed with his trains.  After he calmed down, we were on the road home and for something a little bit different today, I thought I would fill you in on each of our stops during our trip home (if you are planning on going on an 18 day road trip with us, don't panic-we only stopped twice on the way there).

First Stop: McDonalds
Even though some of the kids had eaten breakfast, some of them had not.  Reagan and Lilli were busy watching Nanny 911 on a kindle upstairs and missed out and Graham had his heart set on a the pancake place that we had talked about going one day (but never did) so he didn't eat.  We picked up some pancakes for everyone and everyone was happy.

Second Stop: Walmart Parking Lot
Yesterday I noticed a zillion traffic cones set up in the parking lot and today motorcycle policemen were driving between the cones and it was pretty neat to watch so we parked there for a few minutes.

Third Stop: College of the Ozarks
We drove through their campus and I ran into their hotel/gift shop/retaurant and were very impressed.  Reagan even said today "That was a nice school. You could go there and still be close to home."  And I added that if you went there, you would also be pretty far away from us but still just close enough (and I added "and debt free.")

Fourth Stop: Gas Station
We needed gas for the way home and the kids picked out a movie from Red Box.

Fifth Stop: Neighbor's Mill
And what would a Dennie trip be without a bit of vomit!  When we climbed out of the car at that restaurant, Keaton said "I am going to throw up." I said "no, you aren't" but just as I finished saying that, she proved me wrong.  Thankfully, we do believe that the poor baby was just car sick-sitting in the back of the van, covered with a towel and Robby later saw all of the air vents back there were closed so she was getting no air.  We all pottied there, Robby bought some bread and we gave Keaton some time to sit outside on the patio while Robby moved her car seat up to the front near us.  
Sixth Stop: Gas Station
Whitman had dirtied his diaper at the Mill and we needed a place to throw it away.

Seventh Stop: Side of the road for a funeral to pass

Eighth Stop: Side of the road for a funeral to pass
Seriously, we were in the same time and had only drive a mile.  They were driving in circles or we were!  And by this time, we had remembered why Keaton can not sit up front with us-she had already used her word limit for the day.  

Ninth Stop: Peaches
We pulled off for me to buy a basket of peaches.  It was a bit scary and as I entered the building on the side of the road, Robby told me that he hoped I didn't end up in the van parked nearby.  I didn't end up in the van but I was trapped in the building by an old man that told me all about his peaches and where they came from.  

Tenth Stop: Walmart's Neighborhood Market
We thought since it was apparent that we were in no hurry to get home, we might as well stop at the grocery store on the way home and pick up some essential items-like vanilla, markers and plastic plates.  The kids enjoyed our stop since they ate peanut butter and crackers during our walk around the store and they all picked out a flavored water for the ride home.


Once at home, we unloaded everything from the car right to the bonus room.  We did put the laundry in the washer and the food in the fridge but everything else just went upstairs.  I will go through it in the next few days, review my notes and repack for the next adventure.

After naps and movie time, Robby made supper and then despite the coming rain, we loaded up the kids and headed to the pool.  Let's carry on with the blog theme of the day and talk about the stops:

First Stop: Dropping everyone off at the pool
They were thrilled to not have to wear sunscreen and were in the water quickly.  It was like they have not swam in days.

Second Stop: Walmart
While they were swimming, I did some speed shopping at Walmart.  I knew the rain was coming and when I was half way done, I got the text: pool closing.  So I ran to pick up one more thing and then scurried to the check out-where one item didn't have a price tag and I had to go and find it and then my credit card didn't work.

Third Stop: Pool
I picked up the wet crew at the pool.  Robby said that Campbell began saying things like "Maybe Momma forgot us" and "Maybe the car broke down."  Needless to say, they were standing on the sidewalk when I sped up.

Fourth Stop: Walmart
Robby took me back to Walmart so I could finish my shopping.  We just have 6 days before we leave again and we know that we will probably have to pick something up at the store every day but really, anything we can accomplish now is one less thing on the list.

Fifth Stop: Gas Station
Robby killed some time filling up the gas tank while I was doing my speed shopping.

Sixth Stop: Savers
We were so close that I might as well run in and see if I could find Anderson a tshirt or two.  I found one so that was a win.

Seventh Stop: Pool
We didn't stop this time but we did drive by.  Robby wanted to see if they really closed the pool even though it wasn't thundering anymore-they did!


Everyone had showers and then it was bedtime.  I think that my crew is pretty tired tonight and tomrorow will be another crazy day (even though I currently have no plans!)

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