June 8, 2015

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  • When my alarm went off this morning, it took a long time for me to finally decide that I was not going to get up early and be responsible.  So I just turned that alarm off and went back to sleep.  We actually slept pretty well for the next hour despite their being 2 extra little people in our bed.  Actually, the "little people" that I am referring to are really not that little anymore and at one point, I thought I was about to be pushed onto the floor.  I can understand why Robby spent the last half of the night before in Campbell's empty bed.
  • When we finally woke up this morning, it was soon breakfast time.  Graham was upset with me becuase I followed our breakfast schedule.  I do believe that we deviated from it most every day last week and he wanted pancakes and waffles to catch up from a missed day last week.  He soon was content when I started opening up a banana bread that I pulled from the freezer last night (he is my only child that eats banana bread!)
  • Grannymom soon arrived and spent some time over here helping out for a bit.  The kids worked on their summer school work some and I was able to get Campbell to work on her reading book.  She is usually pretty grumpy during her reading book no matter how excited and happy I act but today she did really good with a good attitude.  I am trying to work hard on that book this summer since I know that every lesson we get through now will be one lesson that we do not have to do during the school year.
  • Around 11:30, I jumped on the treadmill for a bit.  Whitman demanded that he get to watch a Thomas the Train tv show and I obliged since I was going to be upstairs for a bit.  My Whitman loves 2 main things right now-seeing the letter W and anything that has to do with Thomas.  He wants to talk about and play Thomas the Train all day long.
  • We had our lunch and then worked on a few chores-the main goal of our chore time today was for the kids to clean out their school desks.  Campbell had already done hers and it looked surprisingly great.  The boys worked hard and purged a lot of things but my Reagan's desk is just as full as it was before.  That doesn't concern me to much since she hardly works at her desk during school anyway.
  • Then it was naptime for Whitman and the big kid watched a movie.  My ever present helpers, Keaton and Campbell, spent the afternoon helping me.  We worked on packing for our next 2 trips and they were fairly helpful.  While the girls followed me around the house, I had Campbell marking things off of my list as I put them into a bag that Keaton was holding.  I was pleased enough with our progress that I told Robby that I just needed a few more hours and then I would be ready to go!
  • Robby came home and we had one more round of leftovers.   Some kids played on the Wii for a bit and then we let them watch a bit of the Little Rascals movie.  While they watched the movie I ran around the house trying to get a few things accomplished for tomorrow.  Soon it was bedtime because tomorrow is a big day for my crew!

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