June 20, 2015

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  • Robby has an easier time waking up in the mornings on Saturdays than any other day of the week-it is almost a sickness.  Today was no different and he was up and dressed before anyone else was already out of bed.
  • That was a good thing since we needed to leave a bit early today.  Somehow we have 4 containers for yogurt that must be eaten before our trip so that was breakfast along with scrambled eggs.  
  • Then it was off to our first event-putt putt at the Steve Sullivan's Father/Child Putt Putt-I am sure it had a better name than that but I am not sure what it was.  We have been to this before but it was 5 years ago-a lot changes in five years (click here for those pictures).  Campbell was a baby, baby then and the others were so little.
  • They had doughnuts and drinks there and the putt putt course was fun.  Of course everyone else was a bit faster than us so we had to jump around to let people play through but everyone had a good time.  
  • Out of all of the kids, Anderson was probably the best putt-putter.  Graham started off well but then fell apart.  Whitman was very patient and waited and waited for his turn.  About on the 14th hold, he had had enough and just unbuckled his stroller buckle (why, oh why did he learn how to do this right before a trip?).  Thankfully though, he had been watching us and did just what the other kids did.
  • They said there would be lots of door prizes at noon and that was an hour and a half away but we still felt like we should come back so we had some time to kill.  We took the kids on a tour of our old stomping grounds-the old church and Robby's old house.  We even took a walk on a trail behind Robby's old house-seriously living on the wild side!
  • Then we had a bit of lunch at McDonalds and back to the putt putt place.  Whitman was the winner and won a 50 dollar gift certificate which we will enjoy spending for him.  Next stop was the pool-we wondered if we would have a bit of better luck today than the last 3 nights (lightening, thunder, poop) and we did.
  • We let the kids play for 2 kid swims and it was so hot that Robby and I even climbed into the pool.  No one was too happy about leaving but it did help that we were going back to the pool tomorrow.  Once at home, Whitman finished his nap from the car, the others had showers and then watched a movie and I did a bit of work around the house and then made a cobbler.
  • When the cobbler was taken out of the oven, we carried it over to Pops' house for his Father's Day celebration.  They are expecting my uncle in town so we didn't stay too long but were there long enough to eat cobbler and ice cream and watch Pops open up his gift.  
  • We then headed home to drop off our ice cream and pick up more ice cream to take to the Wilson's house.  When we pulled up Shannon asked if we would come and watch a play-her kids and the neighbor kids had created a play.  So my crew all went upstairs to the toy room and sat down for a play-I loved this.  The play was fun and those kids had put a lot of work into it. After the show, we walked back over to Shannon's house for our ice cream truck that we had brought over to their house.
  • While the kids ate, we talked some more about our trip and did a bit more planning.  All of the kids had plenty of time to play since we were at their house until almost 10.  The boys played on the games upstairs and the girls played school.  Whitman sat in the living room and played with all of the animals-he would take them to Tony and ask "what's name?" When he would hand the animal to him, Whitman would turn it over so Tony could see the bottom of the animal-he knows that his Thomas trains have names on the bottom so he expected everything toi have a name on the bottom!  When we finally came home, it was time for bedtime for all my people!

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