June 3, 2015

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  • We all slept well last night and we all woke up a bit later than usual.  That put us behind on my schedule that I had made for today.  By the time that we had finished breakfast, we were already 30 minutes behind my schedule.  That was fine though since we still managed to get everything accomplished this morning (including clipping finger and toenails).
  • The rush this morning was because we were leaving the house around 9:30 to go to the pool.  The kids will do anything I ask them to help us to get to the pool sooner.  The weather was cool but that didn't stop anyone.
  • The Kamps and Heltz were at the pool too so it was a party!  My kids couldn't have been happier and my perfect Whitman sat in the stroller during the first adult swim and then happily got in the next hour.  At noon, I made our sandwiches and quickly pass them out before the whistle blew and the kids went back in the water-so much for waiting 30 minutes after eating to swim!
  • When it was 1, we loaded up and came home.  Campbell was not happy with me at all about leaving and she probably could have stayed there all day.  The kids were tired on the way home but as soon as we pulled into the driveway, everyone wanted out of the car so they could run down the driveway...if only I had a mile long driveway (dream of mine) then they could really get their exercise.
  • Showers were immediately started when we got in along with the laundry.  By the time everyone had taken showers and finished their daily reading, it was movie and nap time.  I worked diligently during this time straightening the school room closet and my desk.  I finished both of those and was delighted to mark those items off of my list.
  • The afternoon seemed to go by quickly and soon Robby was home.  He started on supper and I left!  There was a meeting at church that I went to plus a stop to the library and a stop at the Wilson's house to look at some of their clothes.
  • Robby made supper and then the kids started watching a movie.  The kids were all into the movie when I walked in.  They didn't get to stay up too much longer becuase it was soon time for bed!   

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