June 23, 2015

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  • I had big plans of waking up early today so I could start to work early but that didn't happen (and unfortunately, it probably will not happen in the morning either since it is 1 now and we have at least 30 more minutes of work)  The kids were up fairly early since they were excited about going to Grannymom's house.
  • Robby took the kids to Grannymom's house and she had the enitre day planned out.  The kids had stations that they rotated around to-puzzle working, drawing and even a few more.  One spot they drew a picture of their Summer 2015.  When I arrived after lunch, everyone presented their poster and everyone was pretty proud of their work.  
  • I worked as fast as I could at home and accomplished everything on my list and then headed to run a few errands (Walmart and Target-though I didn't buy anything at Target so it doesn't really count!)  Then I picked up the kids.  They were probably tired from their morning which included Rock Creek but we still changed into our swim suits and headed to the pool.
  • It was hot, hot, hot at the pool.  I am not usually one to get into the pool but I certainly had to today.  We only stayed 2 hours and I briefly thought about staying longer but I am glad that I didn't because we barely had time to unload, shower and get ready once we arrived home.  
  • Whitman fell asleep on the way home and didn't even had a shower but thankfully he had one at Nonna's tonight while we were at VBS.  I believe that Keaton had a bath as well and she wasn't wearing her bra tonight. 
  • Once at home, the kids had some pizza for their second supper and then it was bedtime for them and work time for us.  I tell you, this going on a trip is a lot of work (worth every bit of work but it is just a lot of work!)

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