June 9, 2015

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  • Last night we told the kids that the quote we had received on their new built in beds was a bit too high and we would have to wait.  My Reagan was pretty disappointed but tried to hide it.  Graham noticed though and he told Robby that the boys didn't really want the beds so maybe just the girls could get the new beds.  
  • A few hours later, we woke Reagan up while measuring her mattress.  This time though we had good news-we found beds that would work thanks to Ikea.  It was late, late but Robby still tried to get her up so she could come downstairs and look at them on the computer.  She declined but that was the first thing that she asked about this morning.
  • And that all happened early this morning because we had a busy morning.  A bit after 8:30, we picked up Nonna, Grannymom, Cash, Lilli and Lilli's friend Maria and headed to the blueberry patch.  It was hot, hot, hot-I tried to explain how hot it really was to Robby but I do not think he understood how hot it really was. 
  • Just like last year, I left the blueberry patch with lots of blueberries but with a concern over some of my children's work ethic.  Anderson did do a good job of holding my bucket for me as filled it and Campbell was pretty quick to find Whitman a blueberry to eat off of the bushes!  Combined those two kids probably picked a cup to 2 cups of blueberries...maybe!
  • Reagan was all about picking blueberries and once she helped me finish my gallon she started work on Nonna and Grannymom's buckets.  Keaton picked some at first and then that baby got hot.  Her little cheeks were red and she was sweating and sweating.  I tried my best to get her to stay in the shade until we were finished.  And about the time that we were finishing, I finally let Whitman out of his stroller and he went to work picking blueberries.  I should have let him out earlier becuase he probably could have picked more than Campbell and Anderson combined...only problem was he was eating them as fast as he was picking them.
  • Since it was so hot there, it was wonderful to head straight to the pool when we left the patch.  The water was perfect and even I got in the pool.  The first hour we were there, the pool was pretty crowded but after lunch it cleared out.  An hour later, Robby swung by and brought popsicles for all us which was a much needed treat.  Though Campbell and Reagan weren't too happy with this because they were pretty excited about spending their own quarter to but something at the pool.  I didn't let them and encouraged them to bring their money back next time.
  • The pool was practically cleared this afternoon when Grannymom and I took the 9 kids that were with us.  I am sure that we caused quite the scene leaving the pool.  We dropped off Grannymom and the cousins and then came home.  
  • I did some work this afternoon around the house, Whitman napped and the others snacked and watched tv.  When Robby finished work, we all headed outside for some yard work.  If our neighborhood gave out an award for the best looking yard, then we would definitely win!  Probably wouldn't be fair since one neighbor has 9 cars in his yard and another neighbor has made a fence out of pallets in his yard (and no matter what you see on pinterest, pallet fences are not the rage!)
  • We even did a bit of burning, cleaned the ditch, Robby mowed and then he eventually grilled our hot dogs and hamburgers outside while the kids caught lightening bugs.  Pretty perfect evening.  We ate outside and need to hang some lights over our tables and things would have been even more perfect.  
  • When supper was over, we rushed inside to shower, straighten and then to get into bed!  I know my Dennie people are tired because I sure am!

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