June 19, 2015

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  • Robby was the first one up this morning and he was up a while before anyone else woke up (and that only happen becuase he went upstairs to make sure he told everyone goodbye-sometimes if he doesn't tell someone goodbye then their day doesn't start off too well.)
  • Everyone had breakfast and ended with me peeling oranges, slicing peaches and chopping up apples.  Instead of forgetting about the fruit until the last minute, I probably should have started with the fruit.
  • Some of my people were a bit rowdy during breakfast so I decided that they should clean the kitchen-and I kind of liked not having to do that!  I may just pick the messiest child to clean the kitchen after breakfast each day.  Out of my three cleaners, Graham, Anderson and Campbell, I have one that only does things halfway, one that will do anything to get out of work and one that works as fast as they can so they can finish-so not surprisingly my kitchen wasn't much cleaner when they had finished then when they had started.
  • I am not sure how we manage to get any school done during our school time because before I knew it today, it was almost lunch time and I had done nothing during the morning.  Well, I did spent about an hour reading to the kids while they sat at the bar.  I had given the kids baking soda and vinegar to play with.  They made the biggest mess ever and soon Whitman was in the ktichen playing along.  I was afriad he would try to eat our concotion but he didn't and would laugh each time Graham made another mini baking soda/vinegar explosion.
  • We did our afternoon chores after lunch and then headed out to the library.  At the library is when my Campbell fell apart and really couldn't pull her behavior back together until supper.  She started pushing and shoving trying to get to the front of our checkout process.  I had to get on to her and eventually she just started boohooing in the once quiet library.  
  • Wherever we went today, it didn't stay quiet for long-like when we went to see Beebee.  All my Whitman could do was yell and squeal while seeing Beebee.  Seriously, it was like he was trying to torture me.  I do believe that we were pretty close to being asked to leave!  That little booger-and he even asked Beebee for candy and then when that was passed out, he asked for money too!  (He doesn't even know what money is but he sure wanted some!)
  • Beebee suggested the kids spending their money on Sonic drinks so that is where we went next.  Then they had a bit of time for movie time at home.  When Robby came home, we loaded up for the pool.  Wednesday night the kids were able to swimg for about 20 minutes before there was a down pour and ligthening and the pool was closed.  Thursday night we went back again and the kids swam while it was pouring until thunder was heard (suspiciously) the second time.
  • Well, tonight wasn't any better despite the sun!  We arrived about 5 minutes before adult swim so Anderson and Whitman didn't even get in.  Then during adult swim, something suspicious was spotted in the pool-yep, poo!  So the pool was closed and my kiddos had experienced their third day of pool related disappointment!  To me, this was more comical than disappointing and I was just happy that the poo wasn't from my people!
  • Robby made the best of a bad situation and we went to eat at American Pie.  The kids sat perfectly and stuffed their faces with cheese dip, crackers and pizza until it was time to come home.  Once at home, we skipped showers since we figured 5 minutes in the pool wouldn't really hurt anyone to much!  Then it was bedtime!

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