June 21, 2015-Happy Father's Day!

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  • Robby really goes all out for Mother's Day around here but I am not that great at Father's Day.  This did not go unnoticed by Campbell-when she realized that it was Father's Day she tried to make Robby go back to bed so we could make him breakfast in bed. Instead, he ended up buying his own (and our) breakfast from McDonalds on the way to church.
  • Church was fine-we tried to soak it in all that we could since we will be gone the next few weeks.  Our Sunday school class didn't have that many kiddos and that made the morning fly by pretty quickly.
  • When my car made it home, Robby already had Father's Day lunch on the table for the kids (leftovers).  Then he helped clean the kitchen and hurried outside to work on the yard since this is his last opportunity for a few days.  I worked inside and played medaitor between a tired Whitman and an overly playful Campbell.  
  • Soon the doorbell rang and the excitement began.  My aunt and uncle from Arizona stopped by on the way to Virginia and they brought along one of their Siberian Huskies.  This dog was huge and incredibly soft.  My Grahammy so did not want to be afraid of this dog but he was.  He tried sitting with Pops but then had to go inside.  Graham came up to me and said "I just can't stay out here."  Poor thing-he may need counseling (or a dog) when he grows up.
  • On the other end of the spectrum is Whitman.  He had no fear and would love on and try to hug the dog.  I brought out some water for the puppy and Whitman was adament that the dog finish the water.  He tried to carry the bowl around to give it again to the dog.  Eventually, Whitman just decided that he would drink it himself and would turn up the dog bowl to drink himself.  (Two thoughts here: Only a sixth child would be allowed to drink out of dog bowl and his immunity will be great!)
  • Once they left, the kids watched movies while I tried to sew something (failed).  Keaton told me that I should take it to Grannymom for her to do (Keaton took her socks with holes to Grannymom for her to fix when we were on the trip.)   Hopefully, I can figure out my sewing machine without too much drama tomorrow (I believe my tension is too tight or loose)
  • Robby mowed until it was time for us to leave-he ran in, jumped in the shower as we were climbing in the car and then we were all off to the pool.  We celebrated Father's Day at the pool with Grandpa and Robby. (We celebrated last night with Pops)
  • The kids swam and swam and Dana was able to work her magic and Keaton is now going down the slide and off the diving board with no one there to catch her (still her floatees though but she had been afriad up until today.)  Whitman enjoyed playing and we all gobbled up Grannymom's supper that she brough (pizza, cookies, doughnuts)
  • Dana ended up with all of the girls and we ended up with our boys and Cash.  We ended up the best end of the deal since my Whitman is asleep and the boys just finished watching a movie and are now playing upstairs.  Hopefully, they will sleep well, we can get a lot accomplished tonight and we won't stay up until 2 like we have the past few nights! 

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